Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

Parents play a big role in helping their children adapt to a new school. Here are seven ways you can improve your child's success.

smileBe positive
Show excitement about starting middle school. Let your child know they can handle it.

Compass iconExplore the school 
Encourage your child to connect with transitions leaders. Take part in spring and summer programs and attend orientation. 

Clock iconTeach time management
Talk to your child about preparing for the week ahead. Help them learn to track assignments and to make regular progress on long-term projects. 

book iconSupport good study habits 
Make sure your child has time and a quiet place to do homework. Look at their homework. It helps you see what they’re working on and shows them you are interested.

checkmark iconCheck progress
Connect with teachers. Check grades and attendance online. Ask your school to learn how. 

sports player iconEncourage them to join clubs, activities and sports
It helps them better connect to school, find new friends and build confidence.

heart iconHug them. A lot. 
Kids may try to push away at this age, but they still need you to stay involved. Ask about what they’re learning every day. Attend school events and volunteer, if you can. Just don’t hug them in front of their friends,