Destination Imagination

Destination ImagiNation® is a problem solving competition for children of all grade levels. Klahowya fields as many teams as we have Team Managers and students to fill them, so all are encouraged to participate. Gifted and highly capable students, students with good mechanical skills, and those with dramatic talent are especially encouraged.

Destination ImagiNation® is based on the concept of divergent thinking — understanding that there is more than one way to solve a problem. Destination Imagination® will challenge you to be creative, to apply the skills in which you know you are good, be they technical, theatrical, analytical, comic, linguistic, and to develop skills you never knew you had. You'll meet and work with people with the same Destination ImagiNation® motivation you have, to be creative and solve Challenges in your own way.

To form a team, click on these helpful links and contact Tom Coleman, KSS building coordinator.