Students have six full periods for required courses or electives and a half period for help or enrichment activities. You can find all of our available courses, along with high school graduation requirements in our course catalog.

Course Catalog    




Middle School Course Requirements

Middle school students must take certain required courses each year, including Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Math, Science and PE.  Electives are limited to 1 period in 6th and 7th grades and 1.5 periods in 8th grade.

*A required intervention class may take the place of a chosen elective. 

Visit our Guidance Counseling department pages for more information about planning, timelines and information on registering for courses.

Course Expectations

Students receive course expectations from each of their teachers during the opening days of school. Students and their parents should review course expectations and classroom procedures carefully.

High School Options

Find out more about types of courses on these pages: