In complying with state law, students are expected to be present at school and on time to class.

Parents/guardians may call the attendance office 24 hours a day to report or excuse students’ absence. If leaving a message, clearly state:

  • your student’s name
  • your relationship to the student
  • date(s) of absence
  • reason(s) for absence (please share the specific reason for the absence — particularly if your child has flu or respiratory symptoms)

Students may also give the Attendance Office a written note (from parent/guardian) with the same information signed by a parent/guardian. A parent/guardian may also email the Attendance Office at [email protected]

We have an automated call-out system that places a call in the evening to the homes of students who have missed one or more classes during the day.

Excused Absences

Excused Absence will be issued for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness
  • Death in the family
  • Other emergencies which, in the school’s judgment, require the student to be absent
  • Religious holiday or observance

Parents have two school business days after a student has returned to school to ask that a student’s absence be excused. After this time the absence will be marked unexcused.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused Absence will be issued for the following reasons:
  • Truancy
  • Reason for absence is not justifiable
  • Student fails to bring a note from parent/guardian

BECCA: After SEVEN unexcused absences in a 30 day period or FIFTEEN unexcused absences in a school year it is the responsibility of the school by state law to file the Truancy Petition.


Tardiness to school will be unexcused unless they are due to:

  • An emergency (power failure, car accident, etc.)
  • Doctor/dental appointment


Athletic Code

The student must be in attendance at school the full day on the day of the practice or contest unless they have a note verifying the absence was due to an appointment with a physician and/or this physician approves their participation. The student must participate in all courses and classroom activities. Exceptions must be made with the coach and a representative of the building eligibility board.

Early Dismissal

Send a note with the student stating time of dismissal, reason, and name of person who will be picking up student. Students should, when possible, arrange for dismissal through the Attendance Office before school starts. This will avoid trying to track down a student that might be at lunch, an assembly or in P.E.

Students who become ill during school need to call home from the Attendance Office.

If students do not check out through Attendance this is considered truancy.

Extended Absences (3 or more days)

If your student will be gone for an extended period of time please notify the Attendance Office several days ahead of time if possible and the Attendance Office will provide a form for the student to take around to their teachers.

Schoolwork can only be requested by Attendance for unexpected absences of more than 3 days, Attendance can then make arrangements with teachers to provide schoolwork. It is your responsibility to pick up the schoolwork from the Attendance Office.

Irregular Bell Schedules

Due to assemblies or other activities during the school year, the bells are not on a regular schedule. You can also find them on our Hours page.

When to Stay Home

When to Stay Home - Central Kitsap Schools (ckschools.org)

 Terri McKinnis
Attendance Secretary

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