Klahowya News - January 29, 2021

Klahowya Weekly News - January 29, 2021
Posted on 01/29/2021
Eagle Eye


A message from Principal McDaniel:

Hello Eagles and Klahowya Families!

I would like to congratulate all our students on your hard work during 1st semester! We know that virtual learning can be difficult, and we appreciate your efforts during 1st semester. As you begin second semester here are a few reminders to help you start the term on the right path.

Beginning on Monday, February 1st, all students will begin Semester 2 classes for the 2020-21 school year. At the beginning of each semester, each and every student begins the term with a clean slate and an opportunity to show great academic progress. In essence... every student begins with an "A" in every class. I encourage all Klahowya students to embrace this new beginning. We are excited to partner with you to facilitate your learning.

As we begin the new semester, a number of students have materials to return to the school and need to pick items up. Beginning on Monday, February 1st you are welcome to stop by the school between 8am - 3:00 pm to pick-up materials. To further support this transition, we are excited to invite all students to attend a pickup and drop off event on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 10th.

On Wednesday February 10th, from 2pm-5pm, Klahowya is excited to invite all students and families to attend our mid-year drive though pickup and drop off event. This event will feature a special surprise for our seniors and a treat for all students from our wonderful PTA. Additionally, this is an opportunity to drop off textbooks from 1st semester classes that have ended, and to pick up new materials. Here are a few highlights of this event:

  • All students in grades 6-12 will receive a special treat from our PTA if they attend the drive-up event

  • Seniors will have a special stop in the drive through event

  • All students in grades 6,7 and 8 have science materials to pick up

  • Students who used Childhood Development materials during 1st Semester need to return their books

  • Students who are beginning Semester 2 Civics, Ancient Civilizations, Washington State History and Literature classes have new materials to pick up.

Once again, we appreciate your involvement in our school and are excited to begin a new semester with you!

Scott McDaniel

A Word from our Librarian

Please return any materials (textbooks, library books, class novels, etc.) you no longer need. These materials may be returned to Klahowya's main office between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Please note the office will be closed this Friday, January 29th.

Counselor's Corner

Second Semester schedules are now open in PowerSchool for students to view. If students and families would like to request a schedule change, they can fill out the Schedule Change Form and a counselor will see if a change is possible. You will receive an email from the SSC if your request is granted and your schedule is changed. If you do not receive an email, class size, course availability or similar limitations are the reason, and the request could not be granted. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting students through the semester change.

Yearbook Photos - Don't Miss Out

If you did not have a school photo taken at the mall this year, please follow the instructions on the linked slide to submit one of your own. We want to see your smiling face in the yearbook! The deadline to submit your picture is Sunday, February 7th. Your help in getting the word out is appreciated.

Yearbook Photos

Sports Update

Let's Go Eagles!!!

A friendly reminder that Fall Sports practices will be starting this Monday, February 1st.

Register by Feb 1st for all cut sports (Volleyball, Sideline Cheer and Girls Soccer). Registration will close on Feb. 8, 2021 for all other Fall Sports. Season 1 offers high school opportunities in Traditional Fall Sports: Football, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Girls Swim, Sideline Cheer and Girls Volleyball. At this time, Boys Tennis has been moved to an alternate season and will be aligned with Winter Sports.

Practices for Season 1 sports will begin on Feb. 1. Competitions for all sports except Football begin the week of Feb. 8 (pending Covid data).

WIAA has determined timelines for Season 2 and Season 3. Season 2 (March 15th - May 1st) will consist of Traditional Spring Sports: Baseball, Fastpitch, Golf, Girls Tennis, Boys Soccer and Track & Field. Season 3 (April 26- June 12) will consist of Traditional Winter Sports: Basketball, Bowling, Boys Swim, Wrestling and Boys Tennis.

High school students must register online and have an up-to-date physical to participate. Check your profile in FinalForms to make sure you are registered for the right sport.

Middle school sports remain on hold for the time being.

Visit the COVID-19 FAQs page for questions and answers related to athletics and activities.

If you have questions, please contact Lauren McDaniel, High School Athletic Director at laurenm@ckschools.org


The Therapy of music is a great tool that we all have access to, to help us through these uncertain times. Think about what is your favorite song and why? Where does it take you in your mind when you hear that song? Using music therapy is a great way to find peace and calm in your mind. If you have never listened to music, then research and try some new music to explore the Music therapist's 5 tips for using music to improve health. Think about how certain songs and genres affect your mood. Different sounds and types of music affect us in different ways. ... • Use music to prompt activities for kids and toddlers. ... • Create playlists for different purposes. ... • Create music yourself. ... • Share music with those around you. Here is our CKSD website in a calm space that has a music link on it. https://sites.google.com/ckschools.org/ck-virtual-calm-space/music-sound Enjoy the sounds of music in 2021 for your self-care plan.

SAP Wellness Corner:

A recent survey by SAMSHA (2019), found that 1in 11 adolescents aged 12-17 had used alcohol within the last month. Binge drinking is more likely to happen in teenage culture and many adolescents may not be aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning. It is important to educate your student about the signs of alcohol poisoning and who to contact if a peer is experiencing alcohol poisoning.

To learn more about how to approach this conversation, what the signs are, and who to call check out this article by Child Mind Institute: Teaching Your Teen About Binge Drinking

If you feel your teen needs treatment services for substance use, please contact the Student Assistance Professional, Alixaundrea Poli ( alixaundreap@ckschools.org/360-519-4133 ).


SENIOR MORPHS ARE HAPPENING!!!! Make sure you fill out the Form in your Class of 2021 Classroom. You will need to upload four photos so have them ready. A baby photo, an elementary photo, a middle school photo and a senior photo. It is best if these are in JPG format, but TIFF and PNG work as well. To have the highest quality morph, make sure your head is roughly the same size in each picture, you are alone in the photo and it is high quality. (Typically, these photos should each be larger than 1 MB in size. 2 MB or higher is preferred.) In addition, we need some basic information from you for the senior spotlight that will be on social media starting in March. This is all due by Friday February 26th. If you don't submit by then, you run the risk of not being in the Senior Morph Video.

Class of 2021

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