Klahowya News - January 22, 2021

Klahowya News - January 22, 2021
Posted on 01/22/2021
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A message from Principal McDaniel:

Hello Klahowya Eagles and Families,

The Klahowya Staff thanks you for your partnership during 1st semester. We know that virtual learning is difficult for all... and we look forward to getting our students back on campus. This week our newsletter is filled with important information regarding the transition between Semester 1 and 2. We hope these reminders will make the semester transition a little easier for all.

This weekend there is a strong chance that our community may see some snowflakes! While this is exciting, I would like to remind everyone that our school looks very different during virtual learning. In the event of snow, since we are in a virtual format, all our meets and our regular school schedule will remain in place. Only on-campus events like Special Education programs, Study Hall and Athletics will be impacted. Please make sure to check the news, social media, or our website for additional information on Monday morning. In a virtual environment, school will only close if we have widespread power or internet issues.

On Tuesday, January 26th, we are excited to welcome a number of our students back to the nest for PSAT testing. We wish you good luck and hope you do well on this assessment!

On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 26th, Semester 2 schedules will be available for students to access in PowerSchool. New schedules will begin on the first day of Second Semester, Monday, February 1st. Schedule-change inquiries will be considered based upon available space, missing graduation requirements, or a missing class period.

As parents & guardians review their student's second semester schedules, please be aware that along with so many other unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic impacts on schools, Klahowya was forced to make significant mid-year changes to a number to our middle and high school schedules. In some cases, teacher and class period changes were unavoidable as we prepare for the potential shift back to in-person learning, enroll new students and work to ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and their families. Central in our every decision is to active collaboration with teachers to minimize disruption and optimize student learning. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as everyone continues to navigate a challenging situation.

To all our students - we will not post new Semester 2 course content in Google Classrooms until the morning of Monday, February 1st. Please do not unenroll or leave any of your current Google Classrooms. You should remain in your current Google Classrooms until Tuesday, February 9th to allow your teachers to access all your completed work. Your teachers will email you instructions next week on how to join any new Google Classrooms.

As a reminder, 1st Semester ends on Thursday, January 28th and there is no school on Friday, January 29th.

Lastly, 1st Semester Report Cards will be mailed home in mid -February. And we would like to remind everyone that during remote learning, our grading scale has been modified to A, B, C, and Incomplete (I). High school students (and middle school students that are enrolled in credit bearing courses) that receive an Incomplete will receive additional information in February regarding their opportunity to complete the course. Students who receive an Incomplete will have until the spring of their senior year to resolve an Incomplete. When a student completes the course, the Incomplete will be converted to a “C”.

We wish all our students a successful end to first semester. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to a fresh start for the beginning of Second Semester.

Thank you,

Scott McDaniel

Counselor's Corner

Second Semester schedules will be open in PowerSchool for students to view on Tuesday, January 26th. Please see Principal McDaniel's note above about semester schedule changes. If students and families would like to request a schedule change, they can fill out the Schedule Change Form and a counselor will see if a change is possible. You will receive an email from the SSC if your request is granted and your schedule is changed. If you do not receive an email, class size, course availability or similar limitations are the reason, and the request could not be granted. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting students through the semester change.

Yearbook Photos - Don't Miss Out

If you did not have a school photo taken at the mall this year, please follow the instructions on the linked slide to submit one of your own. We want to see your smiling face in the yearbook! The deadline to submit your picture is Sunday, February 7th. Your help in getting the word out is appreciated.

Yearbook Photos


“Walk a mile in their shoes” is one way to say, "Are you thinking about how the other person is thinking or feeling?" Thinking about why the person reacted the way they did helps us respond in a thoughtful and kind way. This is not easy when you are upset or have made negative thoughts about the person. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. See yourself sliding on their shoes. Step outside your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas to really see the other person. Who's Shoes (CKSD Family Wellness Site Link)

SAP Wellness Corner:

During COVID, there has been an increase in substance use, depression and anxiety. Depending on location and available information, finding providers or support may be a challenge. Tele-behavioral health in the past was less common than in-person but has become readily available due to current social distancing requirements. Telehealth can also reduce transportation barriers or time constraints. Telehealth has been shown through numerous studies to be equally as effective as in-person services ( Ruskin, 2004 ). In-person options are currently limited but also available as needed.

If you or your student have experienced an increase in substance use, depression, or anxiety and need assistance with finding support, Please feel free to reach out to the Student Assistance Professional, Alixaundrea Poli (360/519-4133, alixaundreap@ckschools.org).


SENIOR MORPHS ARE HAPPENING!!!! Make sure you fill out the Form in your Class of 2021 Classroom. You will need to upload four photos so have them ready. A baby photo, an elementary photo, a middle school photo and a senior photo. It is best if these are in JPG format, but TIFF and PNG work as well. To have the highest quality morph, make sure your head is roughly the same size in each picture, you are alone in the photo and it is high quality. (Typically, these photos should each be larger than 1 MB in size. 2 MB or higher is preferred.) In addition, we need some basic information from you for the senior spotlight that will be on social media starting in March. This is all due by Friday February 26th. If you don't submit by then, you run the risk of not being in the Senior Morph Video.

National Chocolate Cake Day! Seniors come get your free slice of chocolate cake on Jan 27 from 1:30PM-3:30PM at the Chevron.

Class of 2021

Please feel free to give us suggestions about the content of these newsletters as they are meant to serve your needs.
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