Klahowya News - February 26, 2021

Klahowya News - February 26, 2021
Posted on 02/26/2021
The Eagle Eye
A message from Principal McDaniel

Hello Klahowya Students and Families,

As spring approaches, students are getting acclimated to their 2nd semester courses and our school is working to get students back on campus this spring. While working toward this goal, our school is excited to engage all 6-11th grade students in discussions around course selection for the 2021- 22 school year. Beginning next week, our staff has prepared lessons, websites, videos, and events to help facilitate this conversation. At the end of the day, we want all students to select classes that fully engage them in learning!

Please make sure to check your mailbox... all 6-11th grade families should receive a paper course selection form in the mail.

Please check out the course selection information below. To highlight a couple of dates:

  • Wednesday, March 3rd - Students will receive course selection instructions in the academy class
  • March 3,4,8,9,10,11,12 from 8-9am and 12-2pm - Counselors will be available to help students and families at Zoom Meeting ID: 826 6763 7541
  • Wednesday, March 10th - Question and Answer Night - Zoom Meeting ID 833 6811 0805
    • 6-7 pm Middle School
    • 7-8 pm High School

We look forward to working with your family and are excited to have students select classes for the 2021-22 school year.

Thank you, 

Scott McDaniel

Counseling Corner

It is time to select classes for the 2021-2022 school year! All pertinent information regarding Course Selection is on our website: bit.ly/ksscourseselection and on the Google Classroom for students graduating class. Before entering selections into PowerSchool, students should follow these important steps:

Students will:

  • Receive Course Selection Materials in the mail & Teacher Recommendations via student email in the beginning of March
  • Watch Important Videos and follow Google Slide Lesson in ACADEMY on Mar. 3
  • Review teacher recommendations, KSS Course Catalog for descriptions, prerequisites and videos about classes
  • Fill out the paper Course Selection Form including Student and Parent/Guardian Signature
  • Enter Courses in PowerSchool (Mar. 3-12)
  • Take a clear picture of the paper form and submit the Course Selection Sheet Assignment in your English Google Classroom ~due Mar. 12

We’re here to help answer your Course Selection Questions! Please join Klahowya staff and counselors during the times below if you have questions.

Counselor Course Selection Zoom Question & Answer

Family Course Selection Optional Question & Answer Night

  • Wednesday, March 10
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 833 6811 0805
  •  6-7pm Middle School (current grades 6&7)
  •  7-8pm High School (current grades 8-11)
  • First 20 minutes is an overview of the course selection process then breakout rooms
  • Breakout Rooms for specific questions include: Counselor Questions~HS Dual Credit~Athletics & Activities~Technology~West Sound Tech~MS Highly Capable~Incomplete Grade Qs~Special Education

We are happy to support you as we look forward to next year!

Wellness Corner

Ever noticed how a lot of kid's stories have a moral or lesson? Long ago people learned how to teach kids right and wrong...a good story.

Horton Hatches an Egg by Dr. Seuss is a favorite and great example. Mayzie is a bird who wants to fly off to better things BUT has an egg in her nest. She gets Horton, an elephant, to sit on her egg for almost a year. He is made fun of. He deals with horrible weather. He never leaves the egg because he promised he would keep it safe. Mayzie sees Horton as the egg is hatching. She wants her baby bird. Sad Horton is willing to give it up because it is, technically, her baby bird. When the egg finally hatches, it is a tiny elephant with wings. The baby goes home to the jungle with Horton and he is happy as can be. What is the moral of the story? Do the right thing. If you go through hard times, stay strong. The right thing will happen.

Most people miss what ol' Seussy-boy says at the end..."It should be, it should be, it should be like that." He reminds us that sometimes it doesn't work out, no matter how hard we're trying to do the right thing. Life can be incredibly discouraging and we do the best we can with what we have. We never know the outcome. The moral of our story? Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Kids learn from your example and the lessons you teach as they grow up.

The Moral of The Story (CKSD Family Wellness Site Link)

SAP Wellness Corner

1 in 5 youth experience a mental health disorder. Nearly 50% of those disorders go undiagnosed and untreated. Recent studies show a high correlation between untreated mental health disorders and substance use. The self-medication theory is a major part of co-occurring disorders in substance using individuals. Youth and adults with unmet mental health needs are at higher risk for substance abuse. ( teenmentalhealth.org , Nami )( Smith et al, 2017 )

Klahowya Secondary School wants to destigmatize mental health. We have staff that can refer students to adequate substance and mental health treatment depending on their individual needs in a confidential manner.

If you believe your student is experiencing mental health or substance use issues, reaching out for help is the first step to recovery.

You can contact the Student Assistance Professional, Alixaundrea Poli to evaluate a plan that works best for you and your student. ( alixaundreap@ckschools.org/360.519-4133 )


Don't forget to check our calendar of everything Senior. Please know because of Covid most things are TBD, but as soon as we know we will update the calendar. Senior Parent Link

**New Senior Class of 2021 yard signs will be available after Spring Break.

High School Athletics

More High School Sports around the corner!

Spring Sports start on Monday, March 15th.

Register by March 15th for all sports: Baseball, Boys Golf, Girls Golf, Fastpitch, Boys Soccer, Track and Field and Girls Tennis. WIAA Season 3 (Winter Sports) will start on April 26th. Winter Sports will offer: Girls Bowling, Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Swim, Boys Tennis and Sideline Cheer.

High school students must register online and have an up-to-date physical to participate. Check your profile in Final Forms to make sure you are registered for the right sport.

Middle school sports remain on hold for the time being.

Visit the COVID-19 FAQs page for questions and answers related to athletics and activities.

If you have questions, please contact Lauren McDaniel, High School Athletic Director at laurenm@ckschools.org


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