Career Pathways

Engineering & Technology

A pathway for doers
people who prefer working with

Do you:
Have good eye-hand coordination?
Like seeing practical results from your work?
Like to explore objects and figure out how they work?
Understand scientific and mathematical principles?
Enjoy assembling, building or repairing things?
Careers/Jobs in this Field:
All engineering fields, construction,
computer tech, auto mechanic,
woodworking, transportation field,
short order cook, manufacturing industry,
welding, all apprenticeship trades,
surveying, drafting, architecture.
Arts & Communication

A pathway for creators
people who prefer working with

Do you:
Enjoy selling or influencing others?
Enjoy music, drama, writing, entertainment and art?
Prefer change and variety over routine tasks?
Like to work independently?
Actively seek opportunities for self expression?
Careers/Jobs in this Field:
Actor, graphic design, singer, fashion
illustrator, architect, professional athlete,
journalist, florist, TV and radio
announcer, artist, broadcasting
technician, musician, landscape
designer, chef, video producer.
Health &
Human Services

A pathway for thinkers, investigators
and helpers
people who prefer working with

Do you:
Like helping people and/or animals?
Work well under pressure?
Work well with all types of people?
Inspire trust and confidence in others?
Enjoy science classes?
Careers/Jobs in this Field:
Chiropractor, pharmacist, nurse,
counselor, cosmetologist, massage
therapist, chef, athletic trainer,
fashion designer, dietician,
occupational therapist, lawyer, law
enforcement, fire fighter, teacher,
librarian, child care worker.
Science &
Natural Resources

A pathway for doers and thinkers
people who prefer working with

Do you:
Enjoy and respect nature?
Enjoy scientific research?
Prefer being outdoors?
Prefer physical tasks?
Like working with animals?
Careers/Jobs in this Field:
Astronomer, food scientist, biological
scientist, earth scientist, chemist,
groundskeeper/landscaper, fire
inspector, physicist, environmental
technician, meteorologist, forester, fish
and wildlife specialist.
Business & Marketing

A pathway for persuaders and
people who prefer working with

Do you:
Like to plan and direct activities?
Like to keep things in order?
Enjoy selling or influencing others?
See yourself as a "leader" by peers?
Enjoy working with computers?
Careers/Jobs in this Field:
Retails salespeople, financial planner,
accountant, fashion merchandiser,
sales representative, computer
operators, receptionist, office manager,
public relations, buyer & purchasing
agent, flight attendant, real estate