Topic selection


  • New Spain and the Comanche: Encounters, Missions,

and Conquests

  • The Spark that Ignited a Flame: China’s Explosion

into Gunpowder

  • Mansa Musa: Exploring Africa
  • Encounter and Exchange of Religious Ideas between

Puritans and Native Americans in New England

  • Jesuit Missionary Matteo Ricci: Italy and China Exchange

Philosophy and Astronomy

  • Catherine the Great’s Encounters with Voltaire and

the Enlightenment

  • Commodore Matthew Perry and Exchange with Japan
  • The Exchange of Disease: Encounters between Europeans

and Native Americans in the Colonial Era

  • Catherine of Siena and Gregory XI: The Exchange that

Returned the Church to Rome

  • James Cook and the European Encounter with Oceania
  • Venice 1348: A Global Encounter, a Deadly Exchange
  • Exploration and Ice: Encountering the North Pole
  • The Silk Road and Cultural Exchange
  • Encountering New Spain: Manifest Destiny and the Treaty

of Guadalupe Hidalgo

  • Exploring the Galapagos: Charles Darwin and the Theory

of Evolution

  • American Missionaries, China, and Religious Encounters
  • Galileo: Exploring the Universe, Encountering Resistance
  • Athens and Sparta: Military Encounter and Exchange
  • Rudolf Roessler: The Allies’ Exchange with an Undercover

German Decoder

  • Exploring Disease: Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine
  • Margaret Mead: Exploring Human Development
  • Diplomatic Encounter: The SALT Talks
  • Exchange between France and the United States:

The Louisiana Purchase

  • Exploring America: Immigration
  • Nelson Mandela’s Encounters with Apartheid
  • Exploring an Empire: Hammurabi’s Expansion of


  • Patterns of Exploration and Encounter: French Jesuits

in Canada

  • Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: a Violent Encounter

of Religious Difference on Close Borders

  • The Zimmermann Telegram: The Exchange that Broke

Down American Isolationism

  • Encountering Communism: The Creation of NATO
  • The Iran-Contra Affair and the Controversial Exchange

of Hostages for Arms

  • Impressment: The Unwanted Exchange between Great

Britain and the United States

  • Encountering a New Religion: Spanish Catholic

Missionaries in the Americas

  • World War II War Brides: The Exchange of Cultures
  • Peace of Westphalia: The Exchange that Ended the

Thirty Years War

  • Roanoke: When Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange

Went Terribly Wrong

  • The Sinn Féin Party and their Exploration of Irish


  • The Monroe Doctrine: How Isolationism Impacted the

Exploration, Encounters, and Exchanges of a New Nation

  • The Marshall Plan: Rebuilding Europe’s Economy

through Exchange

  • Disproportionate Exchange: Slaves and the Triangle Trade
  • Political Exchange: Jimmy Carter and the Camp

David Accords

  • The Berlin Conference: Colonization and Exploration

of Africa

  • Encountering Two Worlds at the Berlin Wall
  • Zheng He: How China’s Brief Period of Exploration Led

to Centuries of Isolationism

  • 19th Amendment Suffragettes: Exploring New Methods

of Protest

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • Revolution in France, America, Russia, Latin America (any Revolution from CBA)
  • Unification of Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Nationalism in Eastern Europe
  • 19th Century Imperialism
  • China & Boxer Rebellion
  • China and Opium Wars
  • Japan & Commodore Perry
  • Meiji Restoration
  • Crisis with the Suez Canal
  • Creation of the Panama Canal
  • Monroe Doctrine
  • Roosevelt Corollary
  • Portugal—Dias or De Gamma
  • Spain—Columbus or Magellan
  • The Crusades
  • 7 years’ War/French & Indian War
  • Columbian Exchange
  • Trade—Silk Road, Trans-Saharan, Indian Ocean Basin, Trade Winds, Monsoon System in Indian Ocean
  • ____________________ Explores ____________________