Regionals 2009

Regional History Day

Olympic College, Monday 3/23


Dear parents and History Day Competitors,


Next Monday is the Regional History Day Competition.  This letter is intended to give you some of the necessary details.  Students will all compete between 9AM and Noon.  There may be some who compete during finals a little bit later.  We won’t likely know the competition times until we arrive at O.C. 


For performances and documentaries, the competition is open to the public.  I encourage the students to watch each other and parents are invited as well.  Students w/ exhibits are judged in a closed room.  However, there is a time around lunch where the exhibit rooms are open to the public.  The awards assembly is in the gym and is scheduled at 2:30.  Students who take 1st-3rd earn the right to compete at the State level in Auburn on April 25th.


Fundraiser--When not competing, students stay in the Bremer Student Union building.  They open the cafeteria at lunch time to sell food to the students.  They need to bring lunch or buy lunch.  We are doing a History Day fundraiser, on the chance that students qualify for Nationals (2 did last year).  We will be selling bottled water and chips at a table in the Bremer building to other competitors.  I will need help from the students and maybe an occasional parent to sit at the table collecting money, as I will be judging during the morning and so therefore not available to help with this fundraiser.  The students can run the table when not being judged or watching others from KSS.  I will bring Costco chip boxes and cases of Costco water bottles that are left over from the DI Regional fundraiser.  The water will be in a cooler and I will have a cash box & change.


Transportation—Students can meet at OC.  They should be there by 8:30 in order to find rooms and get set up.  I will be leaving from KSS at 7:15 with my personal van.  I can take up to 6 students w/ me.  If students need a ride, they need to contact me.  Otherwise, I will assume they will meet me at OC.  Older students who have gone to Regionals before will be available to help people find rooms.  If students will be leaving from OC (for lunch or to leave early)  must check out with me and will only be allowed to leave with a parent/guardian or other designated people with an appropriate note given to Mr. Kreifels (e.g—suzee will be leaving campus w/ aunt Jane …).


We are to park in lot S-4 at the north end of campus near the Warren Ave. bridge.  I hope you will be able to come with your son/daughter.


Students—Please bring at least 4 copies of your paperwork (Title page, process paper, works cited).  If you bring a copy (draft) to me by Thursday 3/19, I will look it over and return it to you by the end of the day on Friday 3/20.  This will give you the weekend to revise.  Additionally, if you arrive at school by 7AM on Monday, I can make the copies for you at school—otherwise you are on your own to get enough copies of you paperwork.


Jeff Kreifels

History Day Advisor



Regional History Day 2009

Klahowya Secondary School


Student                       Division           Category                                                         Title


Emily Kreifels             Sr.                    Ind Performance                     The Legacy of Walt Woodward: Defending

                                                                                                            The Constitution and Preserving Justice        


Ruthie Hawley            Sr.                    Ind Documentary                    Dare to be Different:  The Life and Legacy

                                                                                                                        Of Jackson Pollock


Boyd Wolking                        Sr                     Webpage—group                    Dwight D. Eisenhower and D-Day: 

Jared Sell                     Sr.                    Webpage—group                    How his affect on one moment in

                                                                                                            history changed the world


Carly Whetsel             Sr                     Ind. Exhibit                             Johann Guttenberg:  his legacy



Alyson Kreifels           Jr.                    Ind Performance                     Anne Mansfield Sullivan’s Legacy:  The

                                                                                                                        Backbone behind Helen Keller


Drew Fagan                Jr.                    Ind. Exhibit                             Meriwether Lewis:  The Explorer that

                                                                                                                        Changed America


James Davies               Jr.                    Ind. Exhibit                             Ray Charles:  an Individual who changed

                                                                                                            Music and Racial Relations


Andrew Walters          Jr.                    Ind. Documentary                   Dwight Eisenhower:  A Military

                                                                                                                        and Political Legacy


John Howley               Jr.                    Ind. Documentary                   Walt Disney’s Legacy