Unit I

AP WH Homework

I.               Technological and Environmental Transformations (Foundations)—8000 B.C.E—600 BCE

Note:  For readings listed, you need to have the pages read when you arrive to class the following day—homework from the previous night.  So if it is assigned as HW on Tuesday, you should have it read before arriving on Wednesday.  For each reading, you are encouraged to take Cornell Notes for the pages assigned.  Each blue subsection can be turned into a question and answered from the text—this part is not a requirement but rather a note taking suggestion to help you with the reading

Week #1 Sept. 2-4

9/2—pattern introduction/ Guns, Germs & Steel—book patterns summer ? discussion


        HW—read Preface pp. xxviii-xxx; Ch. 1  2-3, 17-27;

9/3— 5 Themes--Lecture

Lecture—Key Concepts 1.1 Big Geography & 1.2 Neolithic Revolution


HW—read Ch. 2--pp 31-45, 46-52 (skim), 52-56   Unit Vocab (PDF)  Vocab Directions

9/4—GGS work due Summer E.C. Movie write ups due.

Folder Day #1

        HW—Quiz Tuesday on Ch. 1-2—review your notes

        HWThemes chart Ch. 2 (Mesopotamia, Hebrews),  Ch. 3 (Egypt, Bantus),  Ch. 4  (Harappan, Aryans)—Format of chart PDF Version  Due Thursday 9/10



Week #2 9/7-9/11 Ch. 3-6. 

9/7— No School--Labor Day


9/8— GGS quiz—one question answered in detail  Syllabus signed--due

          Quizch. 1-2 reading (vocab, general details)—relax—open book, with a partner, & notes

           HW—  Ch. 3 59-84


9/9—Activity—Key Concept 1.3   Development & Interactions of Early Agricultural, Pastoral & Urban Societies--Compound Bows/Iron (Weapons); Chariots/Horseback Riding (transportation);  Work on Vocabulary Ch. 3-6

        HW—Ch. 4 p. 87-105


9/10—Activity—KC 1.3--Ziggurats/Pyramids (architecture & urban planning)

        HW—Ch. 5 p. 109-130

Geography activities—regions, migrations

  Theme Chart Due

9/11—HW—Ch. 6 p. 133-154

HW—create essay outline ch. 1-6—will work on this in class and bring outline to class on 9/15—essay written in class. Essay question prompt:  Compare and contrast the Encounters (trade, communication, warfare, etc) experienced during the early Foundations Unit (8000 BCE-1000BCE) of any two of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China (Shang & Zhou), the Mayans, Australia.

        Format:  Specific (Word)/ Specific (PDF)


         Thesis statement assistance (link to someone else’s page that has created this)

Week #3 9/14-9/18

9/14         Quiz—Ch. 1/6;  Some vocab from Ch. 3-6 & you should know Neolithic Era, Written Languages, River Valley civilizations, Mesopotamia, India, Bantu, Mesoamerican peoples, Egypt, China (Shang & Zhou), Mayans, Australia—When, who interacted with, major accomplishments.  Vocab assignment 3-6 Due

9/15—  Compare & Contrast 2 societies above—3 paragraphs— essay outline due/write 3 paragraphs

9/16--Unit II