Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies


Week #2 9/14
  Unit II


9/14 Folder #2 Day; CH. 3 State & Empire in Eurasia/North Africa SH introduction & practice


Week #3  9/17-9/21  Ch. 3 State & Empire in Eurasia/North Africa 600BCE-600CE

9/17— CH. 3 SH introduction & practice

9/18—   Persia & Greece--Google Classroom--compare & contrast.

9/19—  Rome & China (Han); Chinese Dynasty Song AP World Mapping website (help w/ region map--you need to know these Regions!!!) 

9/20   Ch. 3 SH-due;  Ch. 4 SH given out; China overview PPT—good for all of China’s History HW--Ch. 4 Section I

9/21   Learning Curve due Ch. 3;  Confucianism/Daoism/Legalism--small groups working to distinguish between them (who started/important, what believed, when started/changed, how impacted China during time and into the future) Ch. 4 Sect II  HW--work on for Monday but will not be turned in Religion Chart abbreviated version on pg 151.

Week #4 9/24-9/28 Ch. 4 Culture & Religion in Eurasia/North Africa

9/24   HW Ch. 4 Sect. III;  Religion chart--should be completed--we will talk about it but it is NOT turned in.    Unit II Vocab

9/25    HW Ch. 4 Sect IV;  Go over Unit I test

9/26   ​Ch 4 Sect V--Ch. 4 Lecture--key ideas

9/27 Ch. 4 SH due; Key Concepts;  HW --Compare & contrast Roman slavery w/ the Caste system in India (not an essay but examples of Similarities & Differences, w/ brief explanations of why those sims/difs are important)

9/28  Ch. 4 LC due  HW: Ch. 5 Section 1 & II; Vocab activity--categorize Unit I/II vocab into P.E.R.S.I.A.


Week #5  10/1-10/5  Ch. 5  Society & Inequality in Eurasia/North Africa

10/1  Due--Roman Slavery vs Indian Caste system HW;  Key States & Empires worksheet--due Wed 10/3

10/2 Last day to retake Unit I test.;  Ch. 5--finding "evidence"--end of Ch. ?'s (​Activity)

10/3  Key States due;  Activity--Changes & Continuities over time--working with table group, identify characteristics of "slavery" in classical times (e.g.-Roman Slavery) with slavery in Greece, Brazil, North America, & West Africa (other time periods and/or geographic places). What changed?  What stayed the same in "slave systems"?
10/4 Ch. 5 SH due; Key Concepts--Imperial Cities from vocab--activity

10/5  Ch. 5 LC due; World Regions Map  -activity--knowing Africa, Asia, Americas

Parking Lot


Transregional Trade routes:  Silk Roads, Trans-Saharan caravan routes, Indian Ocean sea lanes, Mediterranean sea lanes--who, what , when, where, how


Week #6 10/8-10/12 Ch. 6 Commonalities & Variations:  Africa, the Americas, & Pacific Oceania, 600BCE-
1200 CE

10/8    No School

10/9   Comparison Essay work  ; Paper given out--due 10/10 (essay grade); ​Google Classroom Conf. Slide due Monday 10/15

10/10 Activity--p. 250 tip and p. 251 Historical Thinking--using the textbook as a tool to help you learn

10/11--Ch. 6 SH due;  Unit II Review Topics;   HW--Google Classroom CC Essay work due Monday 10/15

10/12--Ch. 6 LC due; 
Foundations Unit Test (Units I & II)—Ch. 1-6