Source Analysys

Academic Information:

Resource Evaluation Worksheet

Information Needed to Cite the Item


Document Title: (article, web page, chapter, entry…)

Source Title: (book, journal, magazine, website…)

Publisher (host / sponsor if website):

Publisher Location / Website URL:


Publication Date:______________________ Access Date (website): ______________


What best describes this information:


___ formal report of a study                                        ___ news / feature by interested amateur


___ fact sheet / data / statistics                                                 ___ anecdote / personal experience


___ news / feature article by journalist                                    ___ fiction


___ opinion piece: expert? journalist? amateur?                      ___ blather


___ other:


Purpose: ___Inform ___Persuade ___Satirize ___Amuse ___Sell ___Rant




Documentation: ___ sources cited formally   ___ sources mentioned in text            ___ none


What types of sources are given for facts and assertions (journals, magazines, interviews…)?


Author: Academic credentials:______________________ Affiliation(s):________________________


and/or other evidence of expertise:


Publisher/Host: ______________________________________________ or _____ self-published


____university press ____ professional society ____ non-profit organization

____government agency ____commercial publisher ____ other corporation/business


What is its mission?


Are there ads attached to the information? ____none ____a few _____many


Date: Is the information… ____ still relevant _____ outdated ____ can’t tell


The Document Itself:


Is there a stated or apparent bias? What?


How are the writing, grammar and spelling? ____ Excellent ____ So-so ____ Awful


Summary: Is this an acceptable information source for an academic research paper? Why or why not?


Dana Library, Clackamas Community College, accessed on 5/28/10