Basic Core Competence


Expanded Core Excellence


 1. Has acceptable thesis.                         1


     (Addresses comparison of the

     issues or themes specified)


2. Addresses all parts of the                   2

question, though not necessarily

evenly or thoroughly


     (Addresses most parts of the            (1)

     question: for example, deals with

      differences but not similarities.)


3. Substantiates thesis with                    2

appropriate historical evidence.


     (Partially substantiates thesis           (1)

     with appropriate historical



4. Makes at least one relevant,              1

direct comparison between /

among societies.


5. Analyzes at least on reason for         1

a similarity or difference

identified in a direct



Expands beyond basic core of 1-7                          0-2

points.  The basic core of 7

must be achieved before a student

can earn expanded core points.                                       



  • Has a clear analytical, and comprehensive thesis.


  • Addresses all parts of the question thoroughly (as relevant): comparisons,  chronology, causation, connections, themes, interactions, content.


  • Provides ample historical evidence to substantiate thesis.


  • Relates comparisons to larger global context.


  • Makes several direct comparisons consistently between or among societies.


  • Consistently analyzes the causes and effects of relevant similarities and differences.

Subtotal                                                                  7

Subtotal                                                                2


  Total             9