Unit III Final—study guide

Some of the topics on the final


  • Abbasid Caliphate
  • African trade
  • China’s role in East Asia
  • China—scholar gentry
  • Feudalism—what was it like
  • Impact of Islam in India
  • Impact of the Crusades
  • Inca Dynasty
  • Islamic views on “graven images”
  • Islam—Shi’a and Sunni
  • Kubilai Khan’s impact
  • Life of serfs
  • Mali & Ghana
  • Mongols—empire, people, interactions
  • Natives in “America”—different in different regions
  • One Hundred Years War
  • Polynesia/Indonesia
  • Yuan Dynasty
  • People to know

o   Ibn Battuta

o   Zheng He

o   Genghis Khan

o   Sun Tzu

o   Zhu Yuan-chang

o   Muhammad

  • Japan

o   Shogun

o   Samurai

  • India

o   Rulers

o   Religion