Independence Doc HW

Unit V Document Analysis


For your document


  • Context:  When written, by whom, audience, political environment at the time
  • Purpose: What was the purpose of the writing, what was it trying to achieve
  • Impact: What did it lead to, how did people react, was its purpose fulfilled?
  • Contextualization:  go outside the timeframe and/or geographic location of your document--what made the concepts talked about in your document possible/likely.  

Each person will be reading 1 of 3 documents (individually, you should go to my webpage and read the ones you were not assigned).  You are, to become, an expert on your document with the above questions.  In class, you will share briefly w/ other experts on your document and then will teach the information to others who have not read the document—basic summary of above.

Ultimately, we will work to compare and contrast the Jamaica Letter with either of the other two.

Dates:   homework given on Thursday 2/15.  Groups share & teach on Tuesday 2/20-Wed. 2/21