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Period 1--Age of Accelerating Connections, 1200-1450 [Post-Classical era]
* Unit 1 The Global Tapestry
* Unit 2 Networks of Exchange

Period 2--Early Modern World, 1450-1750
* Unit 3 Land-based Empires
* Unit 4 Transoceanic Interconnections

Period 3--European Moment in World History, 1750-1900
* Unit 5-Revolutions
* Unit 6--Consequences of Industrialization

Note:  AP Exam for 2019-2020 school year will ONLY cover Units 1-6 (Periods 1-3). 
Structure & scheduling for the test will be announced by Collegeboard on April 3rd.

Period 4--Contemporary World Issues (Most Recent Century), 1900-present
* Unit 7 --Global Conflict
* Unit 8 Cold War & Decolonization
* Unit 9 Globalization


Under renovation below

I.  Technological and Environmental Transformations (Foundations)—8000 B.C.E—600 BCE (updated 9/12/18)

II.  Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies(Classical Societies)      c. 600 B.C.E. to c. 600   (updated 10/04/18)

III.—600 C.E.—1450 C.E. Regional & Transregional Interactions (updated 10/30/18)

IV. 1450-1750 Global Interactions: Unit Resources (updated 11/15/18)

Christmas Break Homework

V. 1750-1900—Industrialization & Global Integration

Updated 1/28/19 

 VI. 1900-Present—Accelerating Global Change & Realignments
updated 3/7/19)


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