Conduct of Wars

Jacob Wilson

APUSH Topics/ Outline assignment- Conduct of Wars


American Revolution- Reasons: To be free from British influence and oppression. Causes: Taxation without representation, Declaration of Independence. We acquired aid and funding from the French and Dutch. Started the American Government and Nation. Was against the British.

Spanish American War- Started due to controversy over land and imperial ambitions.  American attacks on Spain's Pacific possessions led to involvement in the Philippine Revolution. 1898 Treaty of Paris, negotiated on terms in favor of the U.S., which allowed temporary American control of Cuba, and ceded indefinite colonial authority over Puerto RicoGuam and the Philippine islands from Spain.

Civil War- Was caused because of increase in when political, economic, and social tensions between the north and south, the slavery issue was one of the biggest tensions. Caused when the southern states ceded from the north and declared its own country which was unconstitutional.

WWI- caused by German imperial reign on Europe. America remained neutral till 1914 then we intervened. Had a large impact on American society causing us to dive back into isolationism and eventually was a contributing factor in the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression.

WWII- Caused by German Imperial reign on Europe again and Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Was similar to WWI because we didn’t enter until later in the war in 1945 after the Japanese attack. This caused American society to take on and become an interventionist one. We developed new weapons and techniques of fighting like the A-Bomb and Island Hopping because of WWII.

Vietnam- Caused because of our intervention of trying to keep communism contained by keeping free South Vietnam from communist North Vietnam. This brought many social issues on the morality of war and called for a lot of anti-war protests. Developed new techniques of fighting in jungles and new weapons like napalm and helicopters.

Korean war- Caused because of our intervention of trying to keep communism contained by keeping free South Korea from communist North Korea. Our containment policy brought on many new tensions with the Soviets during the cold war that were affected by wars against communist influences like the North Koreans and Vietnamese. Both Korea and Vietnam did lead to political talk between the American and Communist Chinese governments.