Civil War #1

Kevin, Nicole, Matt and Drake


Period 1


Twas’ the Night Before the Civil War


Twas’ the night before the Civil War

 And all through the union

Not a person was happy

Not even a free human


The slaves were out working all day and all night

While the white masters profit from the cotton gins delight

In Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee

The slaves worked hoping one day they would be free


The North connected through a series of railways

The South connected through a series of slave trades

The North economy booms relying on foreign trade

The South’s economy rests on the back of the slaves


Slavery seemed to be on everyone’s minds

Every party and group forced to take sides

New states had to submit as the country threw a fit

Over new land being free


A nation divided cannot stand

This would be said on this very same land

The fugitive slave act starts the tumble over

Slaves can no longer escape to the border




The slaves look for a place they won’t be seen

Canada becomes a refuge to be free

The masses begin to question what does freedom mean?

When Canada becomes the freedom key


In the midst of all this the U.S. continues to expand

Like a business succumbing to demand

The Americans pushed West in any way they could

The natives tried to stop them as they should


California became the target to gain

Mexico became the target to blame

The gold and land and wealth all around

Convinced the settlers to march town to town


As elections led to conflicts which lead to revolts

The Republicans and Democrats weren’t even stoked

All this fighting and arguing in a nation meant for freedom

Left the people asking what it was they left in the kingdom


So many parties due to the nations great split

Candidate Lincoln was trying to be a hit

Lincoln was elected and no one could agree

The South withdrew support and decided to succeed


The confederate flag was raised to unite

A people of the south filled with spite

The guns sounded and armies clashed

The United States forever gashed

In the end the North prevails

Both sides fighting tooth and nail

Slavery is dead

Lincoln rises to the occasion and ends the dread


For slaves, Lincoln wanted emancipation

So, New Year’s day he signed a final proclamation

Freedom is for all and freedom was a right

As much so for Dredd Scott as it was for the white