Religion 2

v  American Religion 1600 – 1800

 “Plymouth rock”

v  The pilgrims' landed in America in 1620. most of them(who arrived on the mayflower) were puritans who were upset with the snailmail paced progress of new England's de-Catholication. They came to America and had an impact on the religion of most colonies at that time making them largely puritan. There were separatists and non separatists. The separatist were basically puritans on steroids.

        Purely pure

v  In 1629 a group of non separatists came to America in hope to secure a royal charter to form the Massachusetts bay colony. They looked to purify(hence the name) the English church and form the most pure version of the Church which they thought they would essentially form In the Massachusetts bay colony

Heavens haven

v  In 1634 lord Baltimore who came from an English Catholic founded Maryland. Maryland was a haven for Catholics who were largely discriminated against in the colonial times. This colony granted large estates to Catholics and provided a safe home against protestant and puritan discrimination

And then there was Pennsylvania

v  In 1681 William Penn secured a huge amount of land that was quite fertile in which he created a safe haven for Quakers because they were seen as offensive to society and cruely treated. This land of plenty was welcoming to everybody regardless of religious status. It was among the first of the colonies to do such a thing as to not segregate against religious values.

Successful families: the what and why

v  In the 1670s New England experienced a rich growth of the family life. Most of these New England settlers were puritans and essentially had high values. Now given the fact that the environment was superb and made for healthy people it was obvious that life expectantly was higher. That being said these longer lives were nurtured by puritan spirits and morals which lead to a successful society

Sorceress spectacle

v  1692-1693 Salem witch hunt and trials take place. Some girls accused that a women had bewitched them. This happening in Massachusetts with the puritans populating there, there was an endless amount of concern in the dark magic by individual women which lead to the death of many. In reality there was no witchcraft just a scam of poor women looking to inherit rich property holding womens wealth


v  In 1775 the weight the clergy pulled was less influencial than in the early days of Massachesets but they were still highly esteemed.  Even though they didn’t pull as srong an influence anymore they were still the most honored profession, with physicians and lawyers being below them.


v  1730s and 1740s It swept through all the colonies igniting a fire of faith. The spark started in Northampton Massachusetts (go figure) by Jonathan Edwards . Many inspiring evangelists tended to the fire like George Whitefield. The Great Awakening urged for the dependence of Gods grace for salvation rather than  good works.  

Endowed by the Creator

v  The declaration of independence was formally adopted by congress on July 4th of the year 1776.Althought it was a list of colonial grievances and a statement of rights to England it is religious because it has the aspect of the “Creator” (God) creating all men equal and giving then unalienable rights. So they are saying that the power that have and the rights they are owed come directly from the Creator of the universe himself- now who would want to argue with that?

A great divorce

v  In 1786 Thomas Jefferson won a victory over the government when the Virginia Statute for Religious freedom was passed. It represented a separation of religion and government.

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