Washington’s Farewell address 1794- Washington’s ideas of alliances were in a sense reform due to the new idea of isolationism. Of not making hard promises to foreign nations. And not making entanglements in European events.

First Political Parties 1792-1793- Although there were “political parties” in Europe as soon as one was elected the other was thrown out of all reason and the other dominated. In the American government certain areas of the government can be controlled but not all.

The Constitution 1789- Unlike European constitutions the American Constitution is written down with the availability for interpretation.

The American Government system- Unlike other government systems before it allowed proper representation and proper legal ways for the people of America to vote for laws.

The Bill of Rights 1791- Gave a list of Constitutional rights as well as the interpretation of more given to the people from the states.

Diplomatic Relationships- Using independent minded Americans they were able to break down barriers in diplomatic relations like an alliance didn’t always mean entanglement.

National Bank – Used to fund the oncoming debt and let the people own the bank and take shares of the new bank.

Land Ordinance 1785- Allowed newly gained Territory to become part of the full nation and not remain as a colony.

Religious “Tolerance”- Gave way to freedom of religion but was the step towards it. Gave tolerance to most Christian churches.

Republicanism - Gave way to the American government and the Articles of Confederation. Gave the idea that the people should run the government not a Monarch.