Teacher’s Lesson Guide

Grade Level: Grade 11 Cold War
H/SS Standards:
11.9 Students analyze U.S. foreign policy since World War II.
3.Trace the origins and geopolitical consequences (foreign and domestic) of the Cold - War and containment policy, including the following:

  • the era of McCarthyism
  • instances of domestic communism and blacklisting
  • the Truman Doctrine
  • the Berlin Wall
  • the Korean War
  • the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • "Mutual assured destruction" doctrine
  • the Vietnam War

Time Frame:

Duration: 10  Days 

Day 1  Friday May 22  Classroom

Team Assignments and Identifying Challenges- 1 period  classroom

The class is divided into groups of 3-5 students. The scenario is presented to all groups and questions are answered regarding expectations. 1) Within each group a chairman and secretary is selected.  2) Minutes of team meetings must be taken.  3) Research assignments are made.  4) Team expectations are approved.

Initial Investigative Research- 3 periods

Day 2-4  Tues/Wed/Thurs/ Library/Lab

Research should be done on an individual basis. Class time in the computer lab and/or library center must be provided. Students should be reminded to take accurate notes as they work. Sources should be noted to document their investigation—you will need a bibliography at the end which lists the source for all material, notes, pictures, clipart, ideas, etc.

Team Organization- 1 period

Day 5  Friday 5/29 --classroom

The team should meet to review all researched data. This data should be assessed to decide how it meets the needs of the assignment. The beginnings of the timeline and the photo gallery can be initiated. After data is reviewed, additional areas of research can be assigned. Notes of team meeting must be taken by secretary.


Final Research - 2 periods

Day 6-7 Mon/Tues

During the last days of research, data will be gathered to fill in any areas found weak during the team organization periods. Again, sources should be listed. By the end of these periods, all needed information should be ready to develop into the required presentations.

Presentation Preparation- 2 periods

Day 8-9 Wed/Thurs 

Students are now to use their data to prepare the necessary presentations. Each student is to have input into each area of presentation. Assignments are made as to who will present what parts to their fellow students. Technology needed for presentations will be provided and a time will be set aside to practice. Practice presentation.  Secretary is to take notes during the meetings.  Students must save their presentation on the Share Drive before class on Friday 6/5


Day 10-Friday June 5 classroom—Teams present—max. 15/team (10-15 min. window)

Each team will present their information to the class as a group. Grading rubrics will be used to assess each presentation.