Klahowya News - January 8, 2021

Klahowya News - January 8, 2021
Posted on 01/08/2021
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Counselor's Corner

Tips to Finish the Semester Strong:

  1. Make a Schedule of all the tasks that need to be done and their due dates, so you don't miss important dates. Your planner is a great tool! Or maybe you prefer a digital calendar or lists.
  2. Have a Plan for each day and stick to it!
  3. Celebrate what you've accomplished and have checked off your tasks list.
  4. Ask for Help Parents, friends, counselors, and teachers are all eager to support you. Reach out to get support or create a virtual study time with a classmate.
  5. Build in Breaks Set a timer. Work for 30 minutes, take a 5-minute break and every a few hours take a longer 1-hour break.
  6. Practice Good Self-Care Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night, stay connected to friends and family, eat regular, healthy meals, move your body every day.

Highly Capable Program

Central Kitsap School District is now accepting referrals for the Highly Capable Program for students in grades 2 to 11 from January 11, 2021- February 19. Referrals for 1st graders are not required since CKSD screens all first graders annually. Screening for the Highly Capable Program will take place in March. To be eligible for screening a student must be referred by staff, parent, or community member. Referral forms are linked below:

CKSD Student HCP Referral 2020-21

Espanol-CKSD Student HCP Referral 2020-21


Breaks from school can be so nice. We don't have to wake up our kids to get on their meet. We don't have the homework battle. Kids aren't stressed out from work and friend drama. BUT we have to go back to school sometime. So how do we make the move back to school easier...Jump Back.

Jump Back (CKSD Family Wellness Site Link)

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences, also known as ACES, are a set of factors that can happen in a person’s childhood that impact health outcomes. 60% of the population have experienced one ACE and 1 in 4 people experience four or more ACES in their lifetime. The more ACES a person experiences increases susceptibility to negative health outcomes. There are several ways families can help prevent negative health outcomes and facilitate protective factors. ( CDC, 2020 )

If you want to know more about ACES check out the Ted Talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

If you are interested in knowing how to instill these protective factors at home you can contact the Student Assistance Professional, Alixaundrea Poli. ( Alixaundreap@ckschools.org/360-519-4133 )


Senior pictures and quotes are due January 31. We have two ways for you to upload your photos:

  1. With your computer, go to yearbookforever.com, click on Community Upload, find Klahowya, enter our code Eagles, and begin uploading photos.
  2. With your cell phone, download the free Yearbook Snap app from the App Store or Google Play. Then find Klahowya, enter our code Eagles, and follow the directions to upload your photos. please include Last Name, First Name of student in the Notes box, please. It’s that simple!

If no senior portrait is turned in, we will use the school photo taken by OPG in November. If no photo was captured, students will not appear in the yearbook.

Senior quotes will also be due January 31, 2021. Quotes must be school appropriate; meaning no swear words/curses, no vulgar comments, and nothing offensive and submitted on the Google form linked below. Quotes will be placed with each senior photo, so we need to have photos and quotes at the same time.

Seniors can find all information in their Google classroom but this page is meant to help keep your family informed also. 

Here is a link to Mrs. Schramek's newletter for Scholarships, Financial Aid & College information 

Please feel free to give us suggestions about the content of these newsletters as they are meant to serve your needs.
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