Klahowya School Photo Days
Posted on 10/27/2020
School Photos

Klahowya's School Photo Days

Tuesday, November 10th
Wednesday, November 11th

10:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 

Community Room at the Kitsap Mall

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Q: Are masks required?
A: YES! Per the state mandate, masks are required to be worn while in the photo area. The mandate does allow
for momentary removal of the mask for services that require removal or identification purposes. The total time
for a school experience is about 5 seconds after contactless posing. All OPG staff will be masked for the photo

Q: Will I be in crowds like at regular school photo days?
A: We will be operating under state guidelines for capacity and distancing. We have a very large space that will
have generous spacing. In addition, OPG staff will be wearing face masks, consistently wash hands, use hand
sanitizer, have sanitizing stations for our patrons, clean our work areas once per hour AND have three medical
grade air filters going at all times.

Q: Do I need to pre-order to take a photo?
A: No, we take pictures regardless of order status. However, we have a prepay link to offer a full contactless
experience for picture ordering. We will have paper order forms on hand as well.

Q: Is this event opened for any school?
A: This event is geared towards Central Kitsap School District High Schools and Middle Schools. However, the
last day, Sunday November 15th, will be open to any schools that wish to get their pictures taken.

Q: Can I come on any day for pictures?
A: This time around we are assigning schools to specific days. This helps us with organization and making the
experience as effortless as possible. However, if you are not able to come on your assigned day – we have
worked in FOUR MAKE UP DAYS that you may attend. Please note: We do expect longer wait times on these
days but we will be sufficiently staffed and will be prepared. Our goal is to get you in and out in the least amount
of time as possible.

Q: Is this also my yearbook photo?
A: Yes! We will be providing the schools we contract with copies for the yearbook. You will not have to worry
about anything.

Q: Will I get my school ID card?
A: Yes, for our contracted schools you will. Specifically for Central Kitsap School District’s High and Middle
schools we will be dropping ID cards off with the school and the school will get them to you.

Q: How will I receive my photo order?
A: Due to Covid -19 we are ONLY giving the option of mailing orders to home. There is a flat rate shipping charge
of $6.50 on all orders. Orders will be received in about two to three weeks.