The Eagle Eye - October 9, 2020

The Eagle Eye - October 9, 2020
Posted on 10/12/2020

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A Message from Principal McDanielGo Eagles

Hello Klahowya Students and Families,

As we enter October we would like to celebrate our students and staff for their hard work! We know this year is unusual and we appreciate the effort our students and staff are giving to support virtual learning.

To support students in their learning efforts, our school will hold parent/student & teacher conferences during the week of October 19-23rd. Conferences are a time for students to set performance goals and allow families, students, and teachers the opportunity to communicate regarding student progress. This year conferences at Klahowya will look very different due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All conferences will be held in a remote manner using the Zoom platform or by phone. Families do not need a Zoom account and can use a cell phone or a school Chromebook to participate in conferences. Each conference will last between 10-15 minutes and we would like students to attend the conference. This year we will schedule conferences using the PTCFast (Parent Teacher Conference) software. This allows families to schedule multiple conference appointments on-line. This is especially handy if you have multiple students enrolled in our school!

Early next week we will call and send out an e-mail to families with an invitation link to sign up for conferences. On Monday 10/12 we will focus on signing up Seniors who have at least one "Incomplete" grade. On Tuesday 10/13, signups will focus on students in grades 6-11 with at least one "Incomplete" grade. On Wednesday, we will open conference signups to all families.

We are excited to partner with you regarding your student's learning and look forward to seeing you in conferences!

Scott McDaniel



Attendance Attendance Matters

Process for student attendance:

With classes taking place in a virtual format, attendance looks very different this year. Attendance will be taken daily by 2:30pm. Students will be marked as being in attendance if they have demonstrated participation since the last time the class was scheduled.

Students will be marked present, if they:

  • Connect with their teachers: By email or phone
  • · Interact with their classes: Complete and turn in assignments in Google Classroom
  • Evidence of participation in a task or assignment
  • · Attend Google Meets: Google Meets are not required but they are recommended. No new instruction will happen at this time but teachers do go over the weekly assignments, answer questions and demonstrate work.

Tech TalkTech Talk

Students - Did you know that you can change your notification settings in Google Classroom?

Once you are in Google Classroom:

  • Click the three bars in the left corner
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Click Settings

You can now customize your email notifications

Tutoring Resources Tutoring

Kitsap County, in collaboration with the Central Kitsap School District, is offering free tutoring opportunities to all Kitsap County students. Options are available for all Kindergarten through 12th Grade students. The link for this opportunity and more information is located below.

Additional Information:

  • Digital Tutoring is available:
  • Sign up your student with a teacher for the date/time/subject you need.
  • A secure, digital Zoom link is sent after application.
  • Sessions start October 5 and run through November 23, 2020.

· For any questions, please contact Kitsap County Human Resources at .

Students also have access to Brain Fuse, online tutoring through Kitsap Regional Library through Class Link. Check it out to get tutoring support.

Counselor's CornerCounselor Corner

HOT OFF THE PRESS The SSC has a new and improved website! Check it out to stay informed and get updated information on future planning, student wellness and how to contact your SSC team for support. KSS Student Service Center Webpage

POWER SCHOOL is an amazing tool for students and parents to monitor progress in classes. As we are settling into a new normal routine of at home learning, it is important for families to be communicating with their students about their classes. Families can monitor and check PowerSchool for grades, incomplete or missing assignments and track attendance. Consider making time with your student once a week to check PowerSchool grades and talk about their progress. Parents can request their own log in by contacting the SSC or simply ask the student to log into their PowerSchool account. Discuss together what is going well and, if they are having difficulty in specific areas, brainstorm possible solutions. Consider reaching out to the teacher or counselor for ideas for success.

Click HERE for a short video on how to check grades in PowerSchool.

ATTENTION SENIORS AND FAMILIES - The FAFSA is now open for applications! If you are planning on pursuing any post high school education (2 year, 4 year or tech college) next year and want to receive financial assistance you must file the FAFSA. See the Senior Class of 2021 Google Classroom and the KSS Student Service Center Future Planning Webpage for more information.

Family Tip of the Week Tip of the Week

Get help when you need it.

  • You won't always know how to help your kid. Think about who could help fill in the gaps -- look to family, friends, teachers, and others for help. Sometimes having another adult take over removes the tricky parent/kid homework battle dynamic and lets you go back to just being a parent.
  • Communicate with the school about how things are going, leading with positives first. Everyone's doing their best, AND it's important for teachers to know what's working and not working for your kid so they can get the help they need.


Life is difficult to navigate right now, especially for our children. It is hard to see your child struggle with deep sadness, impairing anxiety, or intense anger. The helplessness we can feel as caregivers can feel overwhelming. It can be painful to listen to or witness these struggles, particularly when you feel you're doing all you can and are overextended with all your other responsibilities. There are some ways to help when you're feeling unsure about what else to do, one of them is using LEARN.

Live and LEARN

Please don't forget to register to vote! Register to Vote

October 26th is the deadline for 18 year old (or older) students to register to receive a ballot for the fall election. Students who are 16 or 17 years old may participate in the Future Voter program. Check out the Future Voter flier from the Secretary of State HERE

More information on the Future Voter program for 16 and 17 year old students can be found HERE


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