Participating in History Bee or Bowl or Day can be fun, exciting and rewarding.  They also come with costs.  The more successful you are, the more it will cost to participate at the next level.  Given the budget difficulties for CKSD, there are certainly no guarantees of any funds being contributed by the district.  Therefore, we are working on fundraisers that will help us build our account w/ the KSS Booster club. 

I need to help of students and/or parents in order for these fundraising activities to take place.  Please review the following needs and your schedule at home.  *Please return the form, whether anyone in your family can participate in the fundraisers or not.  This will allow me to track whether the information has made it home or not.

If you cannot participate in the basketball concessions, because you are or your son/daughter is on the team (or in band), you could help out by making reminder calls the night before game—this would be very helpful & would count as helping. 

Please indicate which fundraisers you would be able to help with & complete contact information below.

Event Date 



 Helpers (put names on lines)

 1.  Basketball    5-9PM Monday 1/14  __________________________________________
 2.  HBB Championship  8AM-11AM    Saturday 2/16  ___________________________________________
 3.  Taco Time coupons 

Note:  we have the chance to sell Taco Time coupons (5 $1 coupons at Taco Time for a price of $1).  Our club keeps all the proceeds.  I believe we have requested 3000 booklets.  More information will be given at the parent meeting (tentatively on Wed 1/23)  or you can talk with Hollie Abrahamson before then.

 Ongoing          January-March  ___________________________________________
 4.   DI Regionals—concessions/bake sale  8AM-4PM Saturday 3/9  ___________________________________________



  •   willing to help create the schedule for the above events & make reminder calls  ________________________________________
  •  willing to be on a concessions committee for the State Championships for History Bee & Bowl in order to organize the concessions for that event __________________________________________________________________________________
  •  have (or am willing to get) a Kitsap County Food Handlers Permit (online, $10).       ___________________________________
  •  * have reviewed this schedule and are unable to help with these events (signed by parent or student)  _______________________


Student Name________________________________  Phone #_____________________ Email   ___________________________

Parent Name(s)________________________________Phone#______________________ Email  ___________________________



Please return this to Mr. Kreifels ASAP. 


Jeff Kreifels


[email protected]