4th Quarter

World History 4th Quarter 


Note:  Because of the need for Online Learning during 4th quarter in the 2019-2020 school year, we will be doing the following work, which is adapted from our traditional schedule.  This webpage is meant to be an outline--please check the Google Classroom for the actual assignments.

10.3-10.4--India, SEA, China--1st half of the 20th Century

  •  10.3 Online
  • 10.4 Online

India/SEA/China--last 1/2 of the 20th Century--Cold War impacts

Africa & Independence

  • 11.2 Pearson Online


Darfur & Africa Ted Talks


  • 11.2 Pearson DBQ (Document Based Question)--analyzing Documents in the Pearson Online platform

South Sudan--Google Classroom


Middle East 11.3-11.4
(Memorial Day)

  • 11.3 & 11.4 Pearson Online
  • Israel Peace Plane

9/11 terrorism


World Issues--21st C. Current Events


World Issues--21st C. Current Events


  • World Issues--21st C. Current Events


Non-COVID work below--not relevant in 2020

4/15-4/19  India/SEA/China

4/15  10.3 Online work due Friday/10.4 Online work due Friday

4/16   10.3 East Asia --Movie on Mao  (absent students do p. 514 & 516 CECR)

4/17  10.4 South East Asia  1) Vocab--Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, 2)P. 522 #5 cecr

4/18   Movie--South East Asia

4/19   Pick any 2 questions on p. 529-530 and follow directions there.  These are extended CECR with 2 "" in your answer.  Due today


4/22-4/26 India/SEA/China (continued)

4/22  11.1 p. 542 Assessment 1,2,3 (all CECR);  See Google Classroom for an article about India/Pakistan conflict in 2019

4/23  11.1 online work--(due Friday)  Modern China vs. India

4/24  12.3 Assessment p. 587 1, 3, 5 (All CECR)

4/25    12.3 online work--(due Friday)

4/26    India (#2) & China #3-- 1)--How is either China OR India different today (21st Century) than it was in the 1950s?--no " " necessary, write one paragraph.  Book and online text work due today


4/29-5/3 Africa  11.2/12.2

4/29  11.2 Online work

4/30  Movie—Freedom Now—Independence in Africa & India 

5/1 11.2 Work 1) P. 544 (CECR), 2) p. 545 ( CECR); 3) Of the five countries dealt with on p. 546-547, choose any 2 and compare/contrast the processes they went through in gaining independence (Venn diagram or 3 columns).

5/2     Darfur 12.2--P. 579-582 talk about "Choices" and "Challenges" faced by African nations.  1) What are some of those Choices?  2) Challenges?   3)Why are the choices & challenges different for Africa than other parts of the world?--answers 3-4 sentences, but if you use information from the text, include " " & ( ).

5/3   Africa (#1); 1) What positive impacts decolonization have on Africa? 2) What negative impacts decolonization have on Africa?    ( each are 1 paragraph answers ; use ""/CECR if you use words from the book.) All book work and online due today.


5/6-5/10     Africa (continued)

5/6       11.2 DBQ Online work--online textbook, analyze the documents concerning genocide. Due Friday

5/7    Do in Google Classroom--South Sudan Articles [each #1-4 is a link to a separate article. Read the question, go to the article, answer the ? in CECR format, come back here and go to the next article] : 
#1--What are they looking forward to?
#2  What problems predicted?;  
#3 What was solved and what problems remained?  
#4 How have things grown worse?  (CECR answers--use the title of the article for source) Due Friday

5/8      Movie--Hotel Rwanda {Note--the goal of showing this is to "show" the reality of genocide that has happened relatively recently w/o the gruesomeness that could be involved.  B/c this is a PG-13 movie, an alt. assignment will be provided upon parent request}

5/9       Movie

5/10 Movie; GC & Online due


 5/13-5/17 Middle East  11.3-11.4

5/13      Pearson Online 11.3 & 11.4 due Friday 

5/14       11.4 Pick any 3 questions under Assessment on p. 565 and answer them as CECR format--your choice. Due Friday

5/15      Terrorism--What, why, who, when?  Research these details for 2 current terrorist organizations.  Write answers in note form, on same paper as 565 ?'s.  Due Friday

5/16      Movie--Israel--Facing the Future, BBC (Safari)

5/17     Movie 9/11 The Firefighters' Story (DVD);  Pearson Online +11.4 /Terrorism "research" due today


5/20-5/24 Middle East  12.8

5/20  SBA Testing--periods 2 & 3; P-4 Online 12.8 due Friday

5/21 SBA Testing--periods 2 & 3;  P-4 Google Classroom assignment--3 terrorist event summaries-due Friday

5/22 SBA Testing--period 4; p-2 & p-3 Online 12.8 due Friday

5/23  SBA Testing--period 4; P 2-3 Google Classroom assignment--3 terrorist event summaries

5/24 SBA Testing--period 4 ; p-2 & p-3 complete online work/complete missing work


5/27-5/31  Middle East --current events

5/27  No School

5/28 "Issues"--understanding the term; World Issues Project  12.6, 12.7 & 12.9--see Google Classroom

5/29 Research process & presentation options; Topic choice/Preliminary research to identify issue

5/30 Controversial Issue Analysis worksheet due Friday

5/31   Issues final research; Controversial Issue Analysis worksheet due

 All late/missing work due today 5/31 --late assignments will NOT be accepted after this date.  Students must plan ahead--if they are not in class today, the LATE work is still due.  Students who do not pass for the semester will need to repeat the entire semester again next year.

All WOW awards & Emergency Passes due--Extra Credit  [Note:  Emergency passes are ONLY Extra Credit if you have no (zero) late/missing assignments for the semester.

6/3-6/7     Review

6/3   Issues final research

6/4      Issues final research;  

6/5       Issues final researchBenchmark I--3 sources in bibliography (Do in Noodle Tools or other online bibliography program).  Do not print, yet--simply be able to show on the computer that you have found 3 sources, w/ bibliography format--not just URL's.

6/6      Issues final research

6/7      Issues final research:  Benchmark II--notes for 3 sources (Hand written on Cornell note forms--do NOT need to turn in if in school today--simply show that you have them completed)


6/10 Issues final preparation

6/11 Issues final preparation

6/12 Issues final preparation.  Note: your presentation should be recorded today so that you can have peers give you feedback on Thursday and/or Friday.  You will not be able to review other's presentations until yours is complete--you receive a grade on reviewing the presentation of 2 other students as well as having 2 other people review yours.

6/13 -  Peer review/feedback/editing

6/14    Peer review/feedback/editing; Benchmark III--peer feedback forms completed &DUE TODAY

(--All finals must be saved in the Google Classroom by 11:59PM Sunday 6/16, regardless of which day your final is.  Also, on days when we have class this week but not a final students will be presenting that day as well.  There is no "study period" nor will you be working on your presentation--any work after 11:59PM Sunday makes it late and you will lose 25%.)--date to be determined


6/17 Presentations 2nd & 4th periods

6/18 Presentations 2nd & 3rd  periods

6/19 Presentations Periods 3 & 4-

6/20-last day Presentations  if necessary