3rd Quarter

Modern World History 3rd Quarter Assignments

 State Unit #3—World-International Conflicts 1914-1945

2/3-2/7 Topic 7.1 Causes (1-4) & International Agreements (8)

2/3  Pearson Online--7.1 due Friday 2/7 
2/4  Unit Key ?'s(click on link above)-Class brainstorming some of the answers to Questions & then Google Classroom.  In fact, when we have the Unit test near the end of March --the only questions on the test are these Key Questions.
7.1  WWI begins--Terms to know( Vocab)--Militarism, Imperialism, Isolationism, Communism, Nationalism and Alliances (sorry it could not be alliance-ism ;) )--due Friday;

2/5    WWI Crash Course video.Causes--1) What caused WWI according to the section Alliances/Major Causes -connect w/ isms, 2) What caused WWI according to the section Balkans, &   3) What caused WWI according to the section Alliances?  For each of these 3 CECR answers, be aware of how they are economic, political, social or geographic causes of conflict--due Friday

2/6 7.1  Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom.  

2/7 1)  Map caption? p. 373, 2)  #5 Draw Conclusions p. 373  CECR--due today   In fact, you did 4 CECR ?'s this week that deal with "causes"--4 of those key questions are about causes & might be relevant details to add to your notes; 7.1 Pearson Online Due

2/10-2/14  Topic 7.2.  Consequences (6-7) & Genocide (9)

2/10  7.2 Online textbook work due Friday  

2/11   Movie--the advances and horrors of WWI.   7.2--1) Why was WWI a "New Kind of War"? CECR;  2) p. 376 Cause & Effect CECR; 3) Contrast (Eastern/Western Front) p. 377 CECR  due Friday 2/14

2/12 Armenian "Mass Murder" (p. 378) or "Genocide" (p. 331) debate--looking at the arguments--Assignment due Friday in the Google Classroom

 Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom. 

2/14  Armenian "Mass Murder" (p. 378) or "Genocide" (p. 331) debate--looking at the arguments--Assignment due today before 11:59PM in the Google Classroom:  ​Planner Check 2/3-2/14; CECR's from 7.2 on 2/11 due.  Pearson Online 7.2 due.

2/17-2/21  7.3  WWI Ends.  Peace(5), Consequences (6-7), International Agreements (8)

2/17 No School

2/18 7.3 --online text assignment--Due Friday;  

 Movie--Treaty of Versailles; 7.3 1) How did they "Make the Peace"?  2) What were the "effects of the peace settlement"?  Both extended CECR w/ 2 "" each.  

2/20 Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom. Note Check #1--at least one " " + reasoning/explanation for at least 4 questions---Due by 3PM

2/21   7.3 extended CECR ?'s due  & 7.3 Online due today


2/24-2/28  7.4--Communist Russia; 8.7 USSR under Stalin. Peace(5), Consequences (6-7)

2/24 7.4 Online--due Friday; Treaty of Brest Litovsk scenario; 

Registration information from Counselors

2/26  7.4 1) P. 390--Why did WWI "Intensify Discontent"? (CECR) ; 2) p. 391 Explain (CECR) ; 3Ch. 7.4—Communism in the Soviet Union p. 393-94—What happens to Stalin’s opponents/critics?  Give a specific example (CECR) Due Friday

2/27  Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom. 

2/28  8.7 1) p. 441 Explain ? (CECR) & 2) p.  444 Identify? (CECR) 3) Why is "Totalitarianism" contrary to what America believes in (3-4 sentence explanation, no CECR necessary)?[staple 8.7 to 7.4 BEFORE turning in as one assignment]. Due Today;  Planner Check 2/18-2/28 (9); 7.4 Online


3/2-3/6  Topic 8.2-8.3 Causes (1-4), Consequences (6-7)

3/2 8.2 & 8.3 Pearson Online--due Friday 3/6

3/3  8.1  Nationalism in Latin America 1)  What is "economic nationalism"?  2) What is "Political nationalism"? 3) What is "Cultural nationalism"? [all these in own words, 2-3 sent, no "" needed4)  What is the evidence  that "Nationalism in Latin America (8.1)" is related to "International Conflict"?--hint, nationalization & domestic decisions impact foreign policy  ( see p. 404 & p. 592)[CECR]Due Friday

3/4 8.2  Nationalism in Africa/Middle East 
1) What is "Pan-Africanism"? [2-3 sent. explanation
2) How are the "modernization" and "Westernization" movements in the middle east potentially both good and bad for those nations? [Extended CECR  2 " "] 
3) How did the struggle for "nationalism" in Africa & the Middle East create international conflict?[CECR]-- Due Friday

3/5  Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom. Note Check #2--at least two " " + reasoning/explanation for at least 6 questions

3/6   8.3  India 1)  414 CECR  & 2) p. 415 CECR  Due Today   8.1-8.3 work due today (from 3/3, 3/4 & 3/6);  Pearson Online 8.2-8.3 due

 3/9-3/13 8.6.  Causes (1-4)

3/9  Online--8.6 Fascism and 8.8 Nazism due Friday 

3/10 8.6
1)Fascism--define Fascism [book + own words]; 
2) Based on the quote (purple) p. 435, why would people seek a stronger, more controlling government in times of crisis? [2-3 sent, no " " needed, CECR IF use "" ; 
3) Draw Conclusions p. 436 (CECR) &
4)Identify p. 437 (CECR). Due Friday

3/11 8.6
1) Fascism  #3 p. 438--Note--book says "list"--change that to "explain"--write a paragraph explanation of similarities and differences, as if you telling someone about it Fascism & Communism.  
p. 449 CECR;
3) p. 451 CECR Due Friday 

3/12 Registration Day--Counselors ​Note Cornell Notes changed to Friday

 Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom.     Planner Check 3/2-3/13; Book work & 8.6/8.8 Online due

Note:  work from 3/16-4/24 will NOT be assigned/graded/due during this State mandated closure of schools. Late work will be due the week we return to school.  Anything that was due on or before 3/13 can still be turned in via email--take a picture & send it from your school email to my school email address.

3/16-3/20 WWII--Ch. 9 Causes (1-4)

3/16 WWII Introduction--9.1  Aggression, Appeasement & War: 9.1 Online (due Friday) ; 9.2  Online (due Friday)

3/17 9.1--1) Key Terms to define (appeasement, pacifism, Neutrality Acts); 2)  p. 464 Check for Understanding CECR ; 3) p. 465 #1 (CECR)  4)  p.465  #3 (CECR)--Due Friday

3/18  Movie--WWII

3/19 Cornell Notes:  Google Classroom. Note Check #3--at least two" " + reasoning/explanation for all 9 questions  & summaries Due Today 11:59PM--Click on "resubmit" in the Google Classroom
Unit Key Question notes--should have 2-3 "" (specific examples) for each of the ​9​ questions. Also--complete the summary, which should be a sentence that incorporates the main idea of each " " in your own words linked to the Question (Make it a claim statement:  The social factors that lead people to fight each other are _____________ and  _____________ )  

3/20 9.2 1) Define AND explain how each term contributed to WWII: blitzkrieg, Dunkirk, Lend-Lease Act;  2)p. 471 Identify Central Issues CECR All work 9.1-9.2 due today.

3/23-3/27 WWII Consequences (6-7), Genocide (9)

3/23 9.3 Holocaust--9.3 Online work due Friday

3/24  Holocaust Presentations---If students are absent all week, they should do all of the section questions (CECR) for 9.3 to replace group Holocaust project.  Project--each table group creates a poster, giving the What happened, Why it happened, & How impacted the world for 1 subsection of the chapter 9.3. Present Wednesday 3/27 (tomorrow).

3/25 Present Holocaust Posters

3/26   Review/fix Cornell Notes--can use Cornell notes on final, but must be organized for an open-note test;  Complete late work BEFORE Spring Break so it in not hanging over you during Spring Break

3/27 International Conflict Unit final-You get to use your Cornell notes-see key questions

ALL Late work and W.O.W. awards (E.C) due Tuesday April 7th--late assignments for 3rd quarter will NOT be accepted after that day.  It would be better to get work in BEFORE Spring Break, but they will be accepted up until Tuesday April 7th.

Spring Break  3/28-4/5

4/6-4/10 Cold War

4/6    10.1  Online Textbook assignment (Pearson History) due Friday : 10.2 Online--due Friday

4/7    Cold War Introduction:  10.2  Europe and Japan rebuild.  1) Based on the chart on p. 509, what things were more expensive in the West? East?  Why would those things be expensive?  2) #3 compare p. 512 (CECR)
ALL Late work and W.O.W. awards (E.C) due Today

4/8       1) How was post-WWI Germany different from post-WWII Germany? (Extended CECR-post-WWI "" & post-WWII ""; 2) How did Japan change after WWII? (CECR)  Note: you will need to look back in your book to find the "post-WWI" information for Germany--we have already studied this.

4/9       10.5 Billy Joel "We Didn't Start the Fire"; 1)define Brezhnev Doctrine & Truman Doctrine, 2)How do these two doctrines come into conflict with each other? 3-4 sentences,  3) Perestroika—What impact did it have on communism?

4/10    10.5 End of Cold War 1) What happened to the "Soviet Union"?, 2)p. 527 CECR, 3) Current events--see announcement w/ links in Google Classroom--Explain why the article gives you clues that the "Cold War" might be restarting? (CECR);  Pearson Online Due