Name______________________________          NHD 2018 Theme: “Conflict & Compromise in History"

Teacher ____________________________                                            

Class, Period________________________

Date _______________________________

Presentation, Production of Historical Research – The Requirements


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Topic TITLE: ______________________________________________________________


Write your claim/thesis. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You must provide research/evidence to strengthen and support your claim/thesis.

1) The key is to determine when people were in conflict & took a risk by compromising and made a significant change in history. This directs the research, analysis and interpretation of the topic.

- Describe the historical context – the intellectual, physical, social and cultural setting.

- Describe the historical perspective – the causes and consequences of the taking a stand.

2) What CHANGES over time occurred because of the risk? Describe all.

3) What was the impact on people, society, economics, and/or government? Be specific.

4) How does it affect how people think or act TODAY?  Explain the significance for today.


Directions:  Use the following information to assist you in preparing the necessary requirements for the oral presentation of your National History Day Research Project.  Check off the requirements you have met.


_____Due January 10: Preliminary Research Handout with Preliminary Annotated

                                         Bibliography (Noodle Tools, 4 sources) (25pts)

_____Due January 12: Notes: Evidence of intensive/critical thinking – Note page for one

                                          Primary source and Note page for one Secondary

                                          Source. “Intensive” note-taking should be evident! (20pts)

_____Due January 26: Annotated Bibliography-Final – minimum of 10 sources (3 of those are primary/separate primary from secondary). Become an expert on your topic!  (20pts)                        

_____Due January 29--February 1:  Oral Presentations – scheduled during FINALS week (not just during the FINAL period for your class)

*Oral Presentation Delivery Skills will be assessed.

  • Time: (5-7 minutes) (20pts)
  • Speaking—volume, eye contact (10pts)
  • Poise—confidence, attitude (10pts)

*Production will be assessed on

  • Historical Quality (60 pts)
  • Visual Quality (20 pts)
  • Relationship to Theme (20 pts)