Ch. 3 study guide

Ch. 3 Study Guide—3.1, 3.2 & 3.4


  • What were the results of the Peace of Westphalia?What all did it accomplish?
  • Who was Catherine the Great and what did she accomplish?
  • Why did Catherine interact with Prussia & Austria in the 1770s?
  • What was Peter the Great’s impact on the Russian military?
  • What did Adam Smith, an Enlightenment thinker, study and write about?
  • Frederick the Great was noted for what accomplishments?
  • What was the Divine Right of Kings and why did this idea increase authority of Kings?
  • Which Philosopher argued for a strong central government and why?
  • How were the French Protestants, Huguenots, treated by the Catholic majority?
  • What was the Act of Supremacy (see beginning of 3.3) and what impact did it have on religion in England? ( this is also a review from Reformation unit)
  • If natural rights are granted by God, what is the role of government according to most Enlightened thinkers?
  • What did Rousseau believe about the role of government?