1st Quarter

World History

1st quarter

Week #1 World Religions (Hinduism/Buddhism)

9/4  Introduction

9/5 Syllabus; Religion Chart;  Hinduism p. 15-16 (.3)

9/6  Religion Chart work
Buddhism p. 16-18 (.3)


Week #2 Religions Continued

9/9 Hinduism & Buddhism columns due today; Judaism Introduction

9/10  Judaism p10-11 (p. 10-11);  Online access--textbook, Google Classroom, Remind.com ; Syllabus Due today;

9/11 Judaism Column due today​Start work on vocab from 9/12 and/or Christianity column on rel. chart when finish Judaism.

9/12 Christianity vocab:  messiah, salvation, apostles, crucifixion, persecuted, baptism, sins, heresies, theology--define/explain each in your own words.  Due Friday 9/13

9/13 Christianity p. 35-36 (Section .6). 1) Analyze Maps p. 36 (.6)--answer the question in caption & explain ​why ? & 2) Summarize ? p. 36 (CECR); (CECR--Claim=turn ? into your answer, Evid=use a " " from the book,  Cite=(page # where quote found), Reasoning=2 sentences or ideas explaining why evidence answers the question. Planner Check 9/4-9/13
Due today  vocab/p. 36 questions;  Christianity column due--turn in to tray

Week #3 Religion Continued

9/16 Islam (The Muslim World and Africa .8)  Vocabulary due 9/20

9/17  Google Classroom Sunni vs Shia compare/contrast.

9/18   Islam column Religion Chart ​Due 9/19

9/19 Review Christianity/Islam vocab.  Prepare for quiz;  Islam column of chart due today

9/20  Religion Quiz;  Google classroom work due today; Vocab due today

Week #4 Unit II  Global Expansion & Encounter (1450-1750)


9/23 Computers--online access in class--2 readings and 3 activities from 1.1 Renaissance--Due Friday 9/27

9/24 1.1 Introduction to Reformation & Renaissance.  Movie

9/25 PowerPoint Renaissance.   "Identify" ? on p. 77, Shakespeare ? p. 84, ( both ?'s CECR) Due Friday

9/26 Machiavelli's The Prince & Castiglione's Book of the Courtier--For each, 1) What is his topic? 2) What does he believe/teach about it? 3) Why would those ideas be popular in Renaissance literature? Work due Friday

9/27  What was the Renaissance--write a summary of what it was. Planner check 9/16-9/27.
Online & Textbook work due today  today

Week #5 Reformation

9/30  1.4--see assignment online ? Due Friday

10/1  1) Vocab--Define AND explain in own words:  Secular, Indulgence, Piety, Excommunication;  2) Who was Luther?   3) Why did Luther write his 95 Theses? 4) Who was Calvin? Due Friday 

10/2 Go over Religion Unit test;   Footloose & link to Calvin; 95 Theses-see Google Classroom for assignment--this is due Friday [but extra credit to all groups who turn it in today--Wed 10/2 in the Google Classroom]

10/3 1) P. 97 Synthesize ? (CECR)  (1.4, Religious Persecution Continues)  2) In one paragraph , summarize the Reformation. Due Friday

10/4  Online & Google Classroom & Text work due today; Ren/Ref assessment/quiz--be able to explain/summarize what these 2 time frames were.


Week #6 Discovery

10/7   Work on Conference slide for World History (see Google Classroom)

10/8 2.2 Europeans in Asia--1) p. 117 ?Explain; 2)  p. 118 ?Cause & Effect, 3)p. 119 ?Summarize.  All of these are CECR (Claim, evidence/citation, Reasoning) format--only written work this week so can be turned in BEFORE Friday whenever finished.  Due Friday 10/11

2.1 Europeans Explore Overseas;  Group presentations.  Class divided into 8 groups based on the following events:  1453 (Muslims capture Constantinople), 1488 (Dias' exploration), 1492 (Columbus), 1492 (Reconquista), 1494 (Treaty of Tordesillas), 1497 (Vasco de Gama), 1497 (John Cabot),  1519-22 (Magellan).  Groups must answer the following--How did your person/event impact history? using CECR on a poster--that poster will be presented to the class on Friday 10/11.

10/10 Groups work on poster

10/11  Present posters/​Planner Check/Conference slide due GC

Week #7

10/14  No School  

10/15 Conference Slide --revise SMART goal: Online assignment for 2.3; 

10/16  2.2 Country chart  do in Google Classroom

10/17 1) Define AND explain (own words):  Conquistadors, Encomiendas, Peons;  2) p. 127 CECR

10/18 1) P. 127 create a pyramid showing the names of the 6 social classes of people w/ definitions from book; 2) P. 129 #2 Conclusions(CECR) & 3) #3 Main Ideas (p. 129) [note--this question requires 3 part answer]--does not need CECR but should approx. a paragraph long.  Work from  10/17 & 10/18 due today--stapled together as 1 assignment. Last day to make test corrections for Religion test

Week #8

10/21  2.5 Slavery Paragraphs--see attached

10/22  Write & evaluate paragraphs--

10/23  Edit slavery paragraphs ​Turn in Slavery Paragraphs

10/24   No school conferences

10/25 No School Conferences

10/28-11/1  3.1-3.2

10/28 Slavery paper due--before school;  3.1 People to Know:  Charles V, Philip II, Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Colbert--give name, country, events while in power, Significance--create this as a chart.  Due Friday

10/29 YouTube Crash Course #219  1) What was the Spanish Armada & how was it significant--3-4 sent explanation;  2) What was the way Louis XIV treated nobles at Versailles & how was it significant--3-4 sent explanation  

10/30     3.2 30 years war--BDSF  1) Why was the war fought & 2) What was the impact afterwards?--this part of the week's assignment is waved for any students in 1st-3rd period who are taking the PSAT.  6th period & non-PSAT takers will still complete it.

10/31  3.2 Russia--How did Peter the Great impact Russia? (CECR)

11/1   3.2 leader chart  :  Maria Theresa, Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great--country, dates ruled, Evidence of "Absolutism", Significance to history/country.  ​Planner Check--10/15-11/1 All work due today
ALL MISSING WORK DUE Friday 11/1 for 1st Quarter

Extra Credit opportunity--be the first one from your class (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th) to tell Mr. Kreifels on Monday who one of the Enlightened thinkers was and what he/she believed--briefly. W.O.W award to first one in class to tell about one Thinker.  You can only get one W.O.W award.  You might prepare for several of the thinkers, as someone else might summarize a thinker before you get here.  Extra Credit available for approx. 1/4 of you--will you be up for the challenge?  The attached chart is not necessary and is not a graded assignment.  However, you might want to use it/part of it to sort out what you are looking for.
3.4 Enlightened Thinkers Chart