Economic Transformations 2


 Jamestown’s charter

People were sent over to work and send back stuff. Jamestown was a tool to help grow England’s economy. Not really any economical classes established yet

Indentured Servitude

This was the first example of free labor in the British colonies

Introduction of tobacco farming to the colonies

Tobacco was grown as a huge cash crop and this began trade and the growth of the colonies’ small economy


Navigation acts

Britain passed these to force the colonists to only trade with Britain. This destroyed all economic independence from Britain.


Bacon’s rebellion

The first fight of class struggle of rich and poor. This led to the decline of indentured servants


Stamp act

This was the first tax act that was widely enforced in the colonies. Before this there were no taxes


Boston Tea Party

In response to the tea act, a group called the Sons of Liberty committed one of the only major acts of economic terrorism since the founding of the colonies.


Battles of Lexington and Concord

The beginning of our revolution, which was an economic war that gave us the power to control our own finances


Independence from Britain

Our independence gave the nation new economic freedoms and the ability to trade to anybody we wanted to


Ratification of the Constitution

This gave the government the right to collect taxes, which was a right not given by the Articles of Confederation. This was the first time our government collected taxes




Economic transformations

Colin Bailey

APUSH Period 6