Biography assignment

A P World History

Biography Assignment

Presentations due Friday June 9th


Create a biography of a person of importance in World History.


You may choose the person you will write about with the following criteria.

  • Born and/or lived outside of Europe
  • Died before 1985


Include all of the following information in a format of your choice:

  • What role did the person play in his/her life (country, office, influence, ideas, etc.)?
  • How did the person change/impact history during his/her life?
  • What did others think of this person/how reacted to this person during life?
  • What was the person’s legacy—how is he/she remembered? What impact has he/she had after death?  Why is the world a better or worse place today because of his/her actions?


You must have at least 5 sources, all cited at the end—use a bibliography, giving all necessary information about author, title, city, publisher, date, etc.


This must be a Google Slides compilation of information about this person. Put the information in your own words. Do not copy from the internet or a book. Take notes from your sources. Make the presentation interesting to listen to, factual and IN YOUR OWN WORDS!  Go beyond simply reading the screen—use Google Slides  as support information, an outline to talk from.  Submit your slide show via the Google Classroom