End of Year Schedule

AP World History

Post Test Schedule 

Friday 5/17     

Mon. 5/20  Letter to APWH 2018-2019--due today--done in class  --Google Classroom

Tues 5/21    Debrief test

Wed 5/22     SBA

Thurs 5/23      SBA

Fri 5/24            SBA

Mon 5/27   No School

Tue 5/28     Spartacus Movie

Wed 5/29    Spartacus Movie

Thur 5/30     Spartacus Movie     

Fri 5/31          Finish movie Write movie "essay"--in class question about  movie

Mon 6/3         Write Spartacus "essay"/Amendments (Google Classroom)

Tues 6/4         Amendments (Google Classroom)

Wed 6/5            Biography assignment  Scoring

Thurs 6/6          Biography assignment

Fri 6/7            Biography assignment

Mon 6/10          AP Reading Debrief

Tues 6/11          Biography assignment Extra Credit source analysis

Wed 6/12          Biography assignment

Thur 6/13          Presentations

Fri 6/14             Presentations

Mon 6/17   Study period for 4th period final

Tues 6/18  Movie--Hotel Rwanda (Final)

Wed 6/19 No Class

Thurs 6/20 Last day