Basic Core Competence


Expanded Core Excellence


 1. Has acceptable thesis.                                            1


     (Addresses comparison of the

     issues or themes specified)


2. Addresses all of the documents                              1

and demonstrates understanding

of all or all but one. 


3. Supports thesis with appropriate                            2

evidence from all or all but one



     (Supports thesis with appropriate                        (1)

      evidence from all but two



4.  Analyzes point of view in at least                         1

three documents.


5. Analyzes documents by grouping                          1

them in three ways,

depending on the question.


6. Identifies and explains the need                             1

for one type of appropriate

additional document or source.


Expands beyond basic core of 1-7                          0-2

points.  The basic core of 7

must be achieved before a student

can earn expanded core points.                                      



  • Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis.


  • Shows careful and insightful analysis of the documents


  • Uses documents persuasively as evidence


  • Analyzes point of view in most or all documents.


  • Analyzes the documents in additional ways – groupings, comparisons, syntheses.


  • Brings in relevant “outside” historical content.


  • Explains why additional types of document(s) or sources are needed. 

Subtotal                                                                   7

Subtotal                                                                 2


  Total             9