Innovation Awards Announced for 2019
Innovation Awards Announced for 2019
Posted on 04/25/2019
Innovation award winners

Congratulations to six teams, whose creative ideas to support students will soon take shape in our schools!

Our school board approved these ideas in our third round of Innovation Awards. The awards support CK staff who research and develop strategies to improve education and operations.

This year’s projects will receive a combined $81,000 in funding. Projects in the 2019-20 school year will:

  • Support a partnership between Barker Creek Community School and local retirement community members. Students find role models, learn to knit and earn a fine arts credit.
  • Create an indoor rowing program at Central Kitsap Middle, Central Kitsap High and Klahowya in partnership with Clam Island Rowing. Non-traditional athletes will have new options, and more students can learn to row and become eligible for scholarships.
  • Create a lending library with assistive technology. Students with varying physical and/or cognitive abilities can more quickly access tools they need.
  • Provide schools with sensory tools and instruction. Students with behaviors caused by sensory needs can get tools to help them regulate, focus and engage in the classroom.
  • Create a Modern Band program at Ridgetop Middle and Silver Ridge Elementary. Students will learn to perform the popular music they know and love and to compose and improvise.
  • Provide fitness trackers and tablets to more elementary schools, expanding on a 2018 Innovation Award. Students can learn about and improve their overall health.

A committee of board members, parents, students and staff reviewed seven proposals. The committee recommended the six approved projects.

We can’t wait to see these great ideas in action!