Highly Capable (Gifted)

What is a highly capable student? Our program defines these students as learners who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences and environment. Characteristics of these academically advanced students include the capacity and willingness to:

  • Learn with unusual depth of understanding, to retain what has been learned and to transfer learning to new situations;
  • Deal with increasing levels of abstraction and complexity earlier than their chronological peers;
  • Make unusual connections among ideas and concepts;
  • Learn quickly in their area(s) of intellectual strength; and
    Concentrate and focus intensely.

We offer highly capable services for students who demonstrate both aptitude and achievement in verbal and/or quantitative skill areas. There is a process to identify and retain students who will benefit the most from CKSD highly capable services.

If you think this program might be right for your child, please talk with your child's teacher. 

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Highly capable students at Klahowya are served by a mentor. The mentor works to monitor and guide students through their secondary education years. The role of the highly capable mentor is to make sure that students are utilizing every opportunity that they can to receive a challenging and engaging education. The mentor also works toward educating staff members and providing resources and strategies to meet the needs of the highly capable students.

Coordinator for
grades 6 through 10

Rebecca Tresch- 662-4164


District Mentor

Janice Jacobson – 662-1730



Available coursework:  Grades 6-8
Highly capable clusters in Language Arts/Social Studies and/or Math/Science.

Available coursework:  Grades 9-12

Pre-AP English
Honors Sophomore English
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition
Social Studies:
Child Psychology
AP U.S. History
AP Government  
AP Human Geography
AP World History

AP Calculus AB & BC
AP Statistics


Communications: Media/Communications
Advanced Media

Performing Arts:
Jazz Band

Computer Applications:
Advanced CADD
Web Page Design

Visual Arts:
AP Studio Art
Advanced Pottery
Graphic Arts Production

Honors Physical Science
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics

Enrichment Opportunities:

  • Eagle Scholar Program
  • Math Counts/Math Olympiad (Jr. High)
  • High School Math Team
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • History Day
  • Reflections
  • Centrum
  • Destination Imagination
  • Theater Arts
  • Choral/Band Courses
  • Science Olympiad
  • Center for Talented Youth
  • Jump Start Courses
  • Running Start
  • Junior National Honor Society
  • National Honor Society

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