MS History Bee
Congratulations goes out to our MS History Bee Champion
Posted on 12/18/2018
Middle School History Bee Winner

22 Students participated in our MS History Bee today at KSS. The following list of 6-8 grade students did a phenomenal job in the 1st round (which all students were given 3 questions to answer);
Levi Agpawa, Maggie Bailey, Hailey Bounds, Miles Crawford, Angel Dimas ,Braeden Fuchs, Matthew Fuentes, Ally Fuluvaka, Chris Griswell, Zoe Hall, Houston Howell, Maggie Keenan, Chase Moody, Seth Needham, Shane Porter, Kaiden Preslar, Chani Smith, Alan Spencer, Nico Sprague, Loren Swaney, Samuel Widen, and Emily Woelper

After the 1st round, we narrowed down the list to a group of students who answered 2 or more of the question correctly from round one. The 2nd round consisted of 7 other questions. This group  of students consisted of Maggie Bailey, Matthew Fuentes, Chris Griswell, Maggie Keenan, Seth Nedham, and Emily Woelper.
After 10 total rounds, Seth Nedham was called champion as he answered 7 of his 10 questions correctly. His final question was; Which South American country was the site of a rescue in 2010 of 33 miners who had been trapped underground for weeks? The Republic of Chile was the answer.

All students who competed today along with those who attend the MS History Club will take an online test in January to see if they make regionals in 2019.