High School Sports
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Cross Country - begins August 21, 2017

Coach: Marty Krafcik, 360-662-8043
Assistant Coach: James Felty

Football (Varsity and JV) - begins August 16, 2017

Varsity Coach: Dan Ericson, 360-662-4086
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Dan Zuber
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Keith Armstrong
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Jon Jackson
Assistant Coach: Keith Langholff
Junior Varsity Coach/Assistant Varsity Coach: Keith Armstrong

Girls Soccer - begins August 21, 2017

Coach: Troy Oelschlager, 360-662-4165
Assistant Coach: Jeff Quinn

Girls Swimming - begins August 21, 2017

Coach: Diana Petersen, 360-662-8043

Boys Tennis - begins August 21, 2017

Coach: Jerry Johnson

Volleyball - begins August 21, 2017

Coach: TBD, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: TBD


Boys Basketball

Coach: Bryan Theomke
Assistant Coach: Daniel Braus

Girls Basketball 

Coach: Scott Eberhard, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Sam Fletcher
Assistant Coach: Jodie Gagnon


Coach: David Colby, 360-662-4086

Boy's Swimming 

Coach: Diana Petersen, 360-662-4086


Coach: Mike Schmitt, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Ed Hamblet
Assistant Coach: James Burchett
Asst./Girls Head Coach:  Samantha Lovelace



Coach: Dan Zuber, 360-662-1787
Assistant Coach:  Joe Valley


Coach: Jodie Gagnon
Assistant Coach: Pauline Salo


Boys Coach:Jerry Johnson, 360-662-4136
Girls Coach: Leanne Kendall, 360-662-4025

Boys' Soccer 

Coach: Jeff Quinn, 360-662-4058
Assistant Coach: Chris Seidel, 360-662-4117

Girl's Tennis 

Coach: Angelito Daquiz
Assistant Coach:  Janice Davison

Track & Field 

Coach: James Felty, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Marty Krafcik, 360-662-8043
Assistant Coach:  Amber Nash, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Samuel Rucker, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach:Jeff Witte, 360-662-4086