High School Sports
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Cross Country

Coach: Marty Krafcik
Assistant Coach: James Felty

Football (Varsity and JV) 

Varsity Coach: Dan Ericson
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Keith Langholff
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Jeff Witte
Assistant Varsity  Coach: Jon Jackson
Assistant Coach: Reggie West
Assistant Coach: Harion Gaulden

Girls Soccer 

Coach: Troy Oelschlager
Assistant Coach: Jeff Quinn

Girls Swimming 

Coach: Diana Petersen

Boys Tennis 

Tennis Awards Night will be Tuesday, November 14 from 7-8 p.m. in the KSS Library.  No food will be served, it will just be awards.  Please bring your clean uniform to turn into Coach Rick if you haven't already turned it in.

Coach: Rick Ellis (360) 662-4086


Coach: Wendy Kraft
Assistant Coach: Molly Mix


Boys Basketball  **Begins Nov 13**

Coach: Bryan Theomke
Assistant Coach: Daniel Braus

Girls Basketball **Begins Nov 13**

Coach: Scott Eberhard, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Sam Fletcher
Assistant Coach: Jodie Gagnon

Bowling **Begins Oct 30**

Coach: David Colby, 360-662-4086

Boy's Swimming **Begins Nov 13**

Coach:Diana Petersen, 360-662-4086

Wrestling  **Begins Nov 13**

Coach: Mike Schmitt, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Ed Hamblet
Assistant Coach: James Burchett
Asst./Girls Head Coach:  Samantha Lovelace


Baseball **Begins Feb 26**

Coach: Dan Ericson, 360-662-1787
Assistant Coach:  Joe Valley

Fastpitch **Begins Feb 26**

Coach: Jodie Gagnon
Assistant Coach: TBD

Golf   **Begins Feb 26**

Boys Coach:Jerry Johnson, 360-662-4136
Girls Coach: Leanne Kendall, 360-662-4025

Boys' Soccer **Begins Feb 26**

Coach: Jeff Quinn, 360-662-4058
Assistant Coach: Chris Seidel, 360-662-4117

Girl's Tennis **Begins Feb 26**

Coach: Angel Daquiz
Assistant Coach:  Janice Davison

Track & Field **Begins Feb 26**

Coach: James Felty, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Marty Krafcik, 360-662-8043
Assistant Coach:  Amber Nash, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach: Samuel Rucker, 360-662-4086
Assistant Coach:Jeff Witte, 360-662-4086